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Final Fantasy Legend 3 (Saga 3) - Theme of Another Dimenstion (Talon) Rock/Metal thingy


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I am working on a rock/metal/something remix on the Talon theme from Saga 3 (


Besides the obvious lack of fresh guitar strings, intonation and tightness of the performance I am more concerned that I cannot seem to find some parts to extend it.

As it is, it stands pretty short. I know that the source tune is not very long, but I have a hard time finding alternate melodies besides some original stuff which might or might not fit the piece. I have the feeling it might be just too simple or boring in terms of melody. :neutral:

Also, I am unsure about the slow part in the middle, it comes pretty surprising, but I guess it can work, I kinda like it. Meh :-|

Some opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance! :-D

Oh yeah, link to the WIP: Clicky!



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Hm, there's a strange resonance right at 0:06 - 0:07. Try looking at a spectral analyzer above 12000Hz and see what you can find. The same resonance returns at 1:29, so it's probably from one of the guitars there.

Yeah, you're right. I do kind of find this a little simple-sounding. In a way it's kind of a straightforward arrangement. I think the slow part was welcome but too short, and a little sudden. Hopefully we'll see more of you on OCR. :)

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