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  1. Hi. I am working on a rock/metal/something remix on the Talon theme from Saga 3 ( )Besides the obvious lack of fresh guitar strings, intonation and tightness of the performance I am more concerned that I cannot seem to find some parts to extend it. As it is, it stands pretty short. I know that the source tune is not very long, but I have a hard time finding alternate melodies besides some original stuff which might or might not fit the piece. I have the feeling it might be just too simple or boring in terms of melody. Also, I am unsure about the slow part in the middle, it comes pretty surprising, but I guess it can work, I kinda like it. Meh Some opinions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance! Oh yeah, link to the WIP: Clicky! Cheers, Luhny
  2. Amazing choice of source! Cannot go wrong with that. Oh yeah, and the remix is nice as well j/k, it's awesome. Great job, guys.
  3. Honestly I would rather see FF6 on next-gen and HD (but that would be actual WORK, so meh...)
  4. Never planned on it but could have happened about 3 month ago if things went a bit differently. Long story including alot of stupidity on my part. Story short: happy to enjoy life and getting back to how things used to be. Including remixing
  5. I think I need about 2 more weeks to (finally) get mine finished, so yeah. Just hailing in to report that I am not dead yet :/
  6. I have partly restarted this one from scratch as there is just too much broken in the current WIP to start fixing it. Please wait a little bit longer, I know an update is long overdue, but I think I will be able to provide something nice in the next 2-3 weeks. Until them, take care -Luhny
  7. So, my 2 cents on the album. Whilst I honestly think that each and every piece has a very good quality, I cannot help but to find myself favoring certain pieces. So far, here are the ones that have by far more rotation than the rest (in no particular order): 1-02 Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix) 1-05 Reverse Rain 1-11 The Nemesis Schema 2-01 Beyond the Dream 2-10 Dies, Nox et Omina Doesn't mean the rest is not good. Nononono. The whole album is great, I am just stating what my favorites are. Also I want to drop a few words about the great quality of the phsysical copy. The artwork is amazing and the print quality of the booklet, case and discs are up to par. An overall amazing production that was very well worth the required donation price. Somehow I wanted to review in much more detail. But I have nothing more to say than: that's a damn good album, fellas. kudos and congratz on a job well done! cheers, -Luhny
  8. heck, why not. it's not like big brother doesn't know about our private lifes anyway... http://gplus.to/luhny
  9. Darangen pretty much said it all. You can take his word for it. I am sure you will find enough opportunities to use that for a break, effect, suprise, etc. in your music though. So do not throw away the idea itself, just put it where it fits
  10. oh! this is a very pleasant change of pace. i like kirby as much as the next guy, but this piece defines epicness in its own right and IMHO proudly stands for what a remix is all about. perfectly executed in every way. kudos, hats off and many thx for sharing this with all of us for having a great listening experience!
  11. This is very nice stuff. Kudos to Will.
  12. of course we LIKE Uematsu! count me in - for great justice
  13. Cannot go wrong with Saga2 as source material. Very well executed, I really dig the sound. More love for Saga2!
  14. Stopped watching TV mostly because of this. I use the TV solely for my DVD/BluRay and Console needs.
  15. It sounds interesting, but I think it's still a little vague. More details (like already planned and confirmed VG track parts, etc.) would help for sure.
  16. luhny

    Portal 2

    Yay, Authoring Tools Beta is out: Clicky!
  17. Received my physical copies of Esuna and Remedy today. Yay \o/ Plus a copy of SftC'10 - nice. Yay \o/ Now the question everyone asks: Where is Reiki? Go and get your copies too, ppl. Tons of interesting and awesome music for a very fair price plus for a good cause: Perfect deal
  18. luhny

    Portal 2

    Finished single player today, so here are my 2 cent: So far the price was worth it already. You hardly see games these days that are so polished and well presented like Portal 2. Sure it could have been longer, but I think it had an excellent pacing from start to finish and never ever got boring. I will see how the co-op turns out which can be major fun when you play with the right people
  19. If I would attempt to recreate that sound I would probably try a telecaster (bridge pickup) into an AC30. I can be totally mistaken though.
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