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WildStar Theme Song Metal Remix by DivinumX


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Yeah, the intro pad sounds a little off because of YouTube, but if you render with the audio settings at a really high value (24-bit 48kHz should do it; when I do that, I get no quality difference even while watching the video at 240p or even 144p), it should be fine.

Sounds pretty good, though the overhead drums seem a little bit far back in the mix (not a big deal). The kick could have less click at ~4000Hz and more bass at 40~80Hz, since it feels a little plastic-like for me as is. 1:01 sounds off to me harmonically on a few of the dissonant chords. It feels like it clashes in the "augmented+diminished-chord-at-the-same-time" kind of way. The lead guitar feels dry, and for me this section doesn't quite feel like a dropoff from the fuller sections. Having the kick being so loud here though isn't helping IMO, if it's supposed to be lower energy. 1:39 sounds like a breakdown section followed by a buildup since the lead guitars are distant, but the kick is pretty upfront, so for me it doesn't quite feel like the type of energy that might have been intended.

So overall if you just tame that kick click and make the arrangement dynamics more evident, it'd be in a pretty nice spot. Right now the breakdown section and buildup don't really feel like that to me; they're more like breakdown/rock-on and buildup/rock-on hybrids.

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