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Armin Van Buuren - Drowning


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I'm new to this site but after 23 years of searching I have finally found my all time loved song, Armin Van Burren - Drowning (Avicii Remix). I do not like any Avicii remixes, the only song I did like was his Tim Berg - Bromance before he became Avicii.

Anyways, I'm after someone who can produce a remix of the Armin Van Buuren - Drowning.

We have the short (Radio) version here:


And the extended version:


I'm not sure how the song can be made better, my personal preference is more vocals that have more build up. At 2:10 inside of the radio edit is what makes me smile :).

I'm willing to pay money for someone who can create a remix that I enjoy of this song.

3:55 until 5:30 of the extended remix is what makes me smile :) I get chills at 4:20, I just love it.

Many thanks for anybody that takes this post and turns it into a reality :).

<3 Armin Van Buuren. The only song I can listen to over and over - reason being it made me happy during a very hard part of my life.

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Well JH, seeing as I've got two very nice remix projects in my sig, do you think you'd have the time to do remixes? I don't think the directors of both will mind to add a link to your radioshow as a 'sponsor' of some sorts on the back of the case :)

Well, that's certainly something. Rather than derail this thread, you can private message me about it. Thanks.

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