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  1. Real shame that this can't be officially submitted because the arrangement is pretty clever. It can be a bit repetitive though. You might want to look into other system sounds of the Cube to spice it up a little. Hip Hop isn't my style but I like what I'm hearing!
  2. That synthesizer on the background around 0:55 sounds like the main theme... but I can't quite make it out because that bass and synth on the foreground you've got going from the beginning drones it out. That same motif also makes it really, really repetitive. I love Mechanical Man and I reall, really want to like this. But right now I'm barely hearing anything from save for that synth. Oh, and seriously minus points for no Mechanical Man. Disembodied voices need some love too man :'( [EDIT] That Act on Insurrection mix vibes a bit more with me IMHO...
  3. While I kind of disliked the long intro, the music is awesome. I was especially enamored by the transition from Village to Battlefield. I was expecting a full-out Battlefield part there, but the softer, more subtle approach actually worked pretty good. I liked it
  4. My fondest memory is from the original Metroid. I found that music so awesome, it was one of the first things I downloaded (in wav) from a remix site. But the panning when you set foot on Tallon Ruins, combined with those classic tunes? Oh man... Them were some shivers allright...
  5. Ah, nice, a thread to necro. Yet again I find myself listening to the 0 - 3000 torrent, minding my own business, when a tune pops in which makes my head go "oh, fuck yeah, there's some awesome trance! Who is this awesome DJ that gives me these tu... duh. Of course, it's bLiNd. Why'd I even bother looking". In all seriousness, the pacing of this, combined with your almost trademark build-up and build-off for use in clubs, is amazing. It takes cues from the ruling class of the time, packs it into a nice Chrono Trigger package and drops it like a bomb. Highly enjoyable!
  6. A six, almost seven second pause, and at the beginning of your track even, is WAY too long. That said, your bass/piano thing overpowers practically everything, making the piece not so enjoyable. It's more an unending bass chord with some piano influences in the background. I can't see an actual person, or band, playing this. A tango is a pretty sensual dance, bringing with it a lot of feeling. This tracks doesn't have that at all. It might sound harsh, but the track isn't going anywhere. It feels like a lot of loose notes on a heavy background, without actually sewing everything together into one whole...
  7. I'm loving the 80's vibe. I'm having this here banner in my sig? /shamelessplug
  8. As always, first things first: how long has this problem been persisting and did you install / update certain parts of your OS or any of its components recently? Secondly, there's a Windows Error log; you can google for it. This will also spell out when exactly stuff started to go haywire. Posting this to a Windows or Asus board might help you better I think...
  9. Truth to be told... not a lot of "orchestra" in there. When I think of orchestra, I think of grand soundscapes, lots of instruments, a certain "epic" feeling and a conductor who is busy conducting the orchestra in my mind's eye, even if I can't see it. I'm missing all of that here. The piano and violin are a start, but they fail to uplift the mix in a way one comes to expect from the Magmoor Caverns. Adding at least a Double Bass and a clearly defined percussion line will result in a more orchestral sounding piece than what it is now. All in all, I think I'd describe the piece as a bit bland. Seeing as this apparently was done in one and a half hour, it's not bad, but it could've used at least one or two extra instruments to create a more interesting soundscape. My two cents, ofcourse...
  10. I really gotta say I love Underground Pipe Society. So much energy going on... damn. And The Other Side is just plain awesome. As is Koopa Reaper. But then again, it's bLiNd. I'm a sucker for his mixes... Vanilla Underground strings some chords but I'm having a hard time identifying where that particular style comes from. Sounds a bit early trance; can't put my finger on it. Heatrave just pumps up the 90's vibe and I'm really, *really* digging it a lot. Fun fact: I passed this on to a friend of mine who generally doesn't listen to OCR stuff. Even he diggs the album, and that's saying a lot. The production quality is so high that, indeed, blasting a few of these tracks through the speakers of a club without people complaining (and dare I say it: even enjoying it) shouldn't prove too difficult..
  11. That was highly enjoyable. But it has to be said that you're staying awfully close to the source: I can hear a lot of additions ot it, but not a lot of deviation. This, in turn, makes it quite repetitive after the first one and a half minute. I like the drop at 1:50 with the more raw continuation but am a bit bummed out that you switch back to the more mellow refrain at 2:18. You change the instruments around a lot, but a real deviation... not so much. Quite the shame actually, because I really enjoyed it; it just gets a bit boring later on. But nothing that can't be fixed
  12. I like that brooding start, very provocative. But the transition at 0:20 to the main line is way to abrupt and could use a way more sinister flow. Chronodyne Marine does this to great effect around the 1:00 minute mark.The vocals at 0:54 just beg to be used more. They add to the atmosphere that your intro manages to build and I'd hate to see them go.
  13. Woops, sorry 'bout that. Life got in the way Yeah, I went a bit overboard with that last paragraph. I'm going to fold it into the main article and skip the rest of it. Better? Protector of good, heroine to the light, beacon of hope… Dark Samus is none of those. The complete opposite of famed bounty hunter Samus Aran, she has only one basic instinct that drives her every move: find, absorb, and spread the mutagenic material known as Phazon. Anything that tries to get between her and this instinct is bound to experience to full range of her wrath. When the Metroid Prime entity snatched away Samus’s Phazon Suit upgrade and a bit of her DNA after a climactic battle in the depths of the planet Tallon IV, it used these as a template to create the being now known as Dark Samus. Because of this, she has a Power Suit-like appearance, including a blaster on her right arm. As she was almost literaly born out of Phazon, she can absorb, use and control this substance to her own advantage, so much so that that she is able to subjugate those infected with Phazon into complete obedience. In Metroid Prime 3, Dark Samus locates and finds a way to control Phaaze, the planet where all Phazon comes from. She is also able to dissolve into a Phazon particle cloud which can reassemble at will, making her difficult to kill. When the Space Pirates first encounter her on the planet Aether in Metroid Prime 2, their logs describe her as “The Dark Hunter”; however, the dark, organic suit and menacing behavior didn’t match their earlier encounters. After witnessing a skirmish between the two Samuses and realising that the two were not only two separate beings but enemies as well, the pirates hoped to use this powerful creature to get rid of their sworn nemesis. This proved idle hope: Dark Samus makes no allies and takes orders from no one. While she does harbor a sense of hatred toward the bounty hunter, she will try to dispatch Samus when it suits her.
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