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Games that All Children Should Play

The Legendary Zoltan

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Final Fantasy Tactics. A must. Death matters, it teaches kids to look beyond the surface at the motivations behind the people and wpr;d, and it's not a "rescue the girl because women are love objects game." Arguably it's a "we have to stop these evil people because life matters and every life matters" with a "save your sister" subplot tacked on. FF6 and FF9 should also be required.

Chrono Trigger (obvious reasons).

The original Sim City.


Also, any child wishing to play a modern Pokemon game should have to play at least one Gen 1 game and then one Gen 2 game before being allowed to.

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Oh, my god! People saying The Adventures of Lolo are geniuses! Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. They're all great. Don't worry. I will be playing physical games with my daughter a lot as well. But sooner or later will come the day when she needs to pick up Chrono Trigger and have her mind BLOWN! Hahaha.

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