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*NO* Touhou Fuujinroku: Mountain of Faith 'Temple of the Omnisword' *RESUB*


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resub #1

original decision

Contact Information

> ReMixer name: HeavenWraith

> Real name: Antanas Palaitis

> E-mail:

> Website: http://www.heavenwraithmusic.net

> Forum user ID: 50325

Submission Information

> Game: Touhou: Mountain Of Faith

> ReMix Name: Temple of the Omnisword

> Original Name: Native Faith

> Original Author: ZUN

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Cool mix with lots of attention to detail and high energy. Your arrangement takes the melodic ideas from the original and makes them better

There are a couple production issues that hold this one back, though:

Most importantly, in the intense sections, compression is too heavy. When shooting for presence & loudness, there is a tendency to go overboard and make the track pound at a really high volume level. No need to do this! This would be a relatively easy fix. Just dial back the compression

At 1:02, I'm struck by the kick. It has a thudding low end and not much high frequency content. In the really thick parts of the mix the low frequencies of the sample end up sounding really indistinct and muddy. I would experiment with lowering the volume on your kick overall and strategically cutting the bass frequencies with EQ.

Your mix is very full... it just lacks definition and breathing room. Think of yourself as a sculptor now and focus on cuts in volume with EQ or volume faders and then tastefully boost other things to make up the difference. Don't worry at all if you end up with a track that sounds significantly quieter. The high volume level is getting in your way

The combination of the relentless volume and the grating kick drum produce an obnoxious sensation that detracts significantly from what is otherwise a well constructed & well performed rearrangement (and better than the original, IMO).

NO (resub)

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Maaaaaaan, I dunno. This feels really close to me. The arrangement is great all around; I think you super expanded on the source. This doesn't just sound like a new arrangement, it sounds like Native Faith v. 2.0. I particularly enjoyed the intro's interpretation; really sets the stage. The ending is climactic.

What's more, the performance elements are fantastic. I love your guitar work, and although I'm not keen on the carried-over prevalence of piano from the original, I think you actually did an excellent job spicing it up and making it more interesting.

On the OTHER hand, I hate to say it (because clearly you've put a lot of work into this), but Clem's totally right about the production issues. While they may have come a long way since the original version (which I'm unfamiliar with), taking this at face value, there's still some significant mixing problems. Once the track gets into full swing, it's pretty much a cacophony of sound that makes it hard to listen to any one element. It seems like the primary issue is a combination of the drums (particularly the kick, which is too boomy for the speed at which it's going) and the rhythm guitar (which sucks up a lot of space, as is most evident during the section at 2:52). I think part of the problem is the amount of reverb used is busying things up too much, similar to if you were to douse some gabber in reverb. Something this fast and this complex is busy enough as it is.

It seems like everything in this is competing for focus, and that's not a good thing. Clem hit the nail on the head when he said "Your mix is very full... it just lacks definition and breathing room." Some EQing, panning, and level adjustments could go a long way in terms of helping the various instruments find their own domain. Consider automating your levels, as well, if you'd prefer to just shift the focus between instruments from section to section. Overall, if the drums weren't so distractingly overpowered, this would pass in my opinion. But as it stands, I'm going to have to say

NO (Resubmit)

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Whoa, a lot changed in this version. I really like the new intro but I gotta agree with the last two votes that the compression was way too much here. The difference between the quiet and intense sections was too drastic too, I thought. I think you could dial back the compression from the crazier sections to start, and then maybe close the dynamic gap if needed. Clem's comment about the kick was also spot-on. Overall, I really like the changes to the instruments, especially removing that glassy lead from the forefront that was in the last version. The piano is not a perfect fit but it sounds much better. It's a much more cohesive piece and just needs some last few touches on the production. 95% there.

NO (resubmit)

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