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Good Chipsounds Tutorials?

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So I bought Plogue Chipsounds a while back to use for a game and am about to start digging into it. Are there any good chiptunes/chipsounds tutorials out there? I want to use it mostly as supplemental stuff with hybrid orchestra/electronic music. I've been trying to figure out all the different tricks to get different sounds with it. And I'm certainly not looking to mimic "real" chiptunes. I just want it to sound cool and get some different effects with it :P.

The main libraries I'm using for this game are EWQL Gold + Omnisphere + Chipsounds. I also have Komplete which I use sometimes.


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Interesting mixture of genres, never tried that. As for any tutorials, sorry, no help from me I guess. But I'd appreciate some tips and tricks too!

The only chiptune thingie I did (Vampire Killer's Wicked Child) was a simple matter of just taking some presets and playing around with it. That can get you quite far, but I have the feeling you can do a lot more with it.

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The Portal 2 soundtrack might be a good reference. Mike Morasky added lots of chip-sounds into the soundtrack, but made sure not let the soundtrack sound "8-bit."

Once you've figured out how to make different sounds with Plogue Chipsounds, I'd suggest just treating it and incorporating like a normal instrument. Placing it where you think it fits, and asking yourself, "where might an 8bit sound fit in?"

If you have no idea what kind of sounds you can get with Plogue Chipsounds, (I've never tried it but I assume it's fairly complicated) you could download a free, simpler 8bit VST, and see what kinda of different sounds you can get with that. (On most free 8bit VST's I've tried, it's pretty easy to distinguish between the different sounds you can make.)

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