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Need help with mixing short original composition..


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Yeah, it sounds better. Good improvement. It wasn't as clear earlier that the bass was wide since it was panned, but now I do think the bass should be narrowed. If you have some sort of stereo enhancement plugin, try doing the opposite (stereo reduction). The bass is sorta taking up the space that the "psych noise" and the lead synths are occupying. Try perhaps 30~50% mono?

The kick is punching through pretty well. Maybe pan some of your hi hats, too. There are on-the-beat hi hats and off-the-beat hi hats; perhaps each one on opposite sides? Conventionally, hi hats are panned like on a drum kit, but since it's electronic, feel free to do what seems to make sense.

This might be a nice reference for a nice "stereo field".

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