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Master Mi

Final Fantasy 7 - Fighting Fantasies

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Today, somebody noted that (in his opinion) there is some bass issue going on below the 100 Hz section in my preview version of "Fighting Fantasies".
He was writing about an uncontrolled bass roaming around below 100 Hz (... since the electric bass is pretty dry and submissive in the middle of the panorama, I guess he means the sound of the Industrial Percussion drums, I've panned hard to the left and hard to the right, which make that rumbling rolling thunder sound - which was kinda intended by myself to bring more action in the kinda dry lower section, but without creating a muddy soundscape).

I mixed this track with the pretty accurate Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (Black Edition) studio headphones, connected to an high-end headphone amp (Lake People G109-P) which seems to drive these high impedance properly through the whole frequency range.
So, I'm sure I can hear really clearly, what's going on in the lower frequency section - and it sounded pretty full and nice to my ears - even on all other devices (like my little 3-way studio monitor system, my old hi-fi system and my HD MP3 player).

Dunno, if he just wanted to troll me or if it might be a bad sound reproduction on my system or his system.

So I wanted to ask the OC Remix community directly...
What you think about this bass issue the guy mentioned - do you hear some of those annoying bass issues in this track on your studio monitor and/or headphone system like he obviously does on his system?

And what do you think about the whole mixing and the composition of the preview in general?


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