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Full Orchestra Zelda Medley


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Hey OCR,

This is my first time posting any work on OCR, but I've been arranging video game music for most of my life.

This is a full orchestral arrangement of music from a few of the Zelda games that I made as a demo for the folks that run Video Games Live, since my primary passion is writing for live musicians. I made it in Logic X using primarily VSL and EastWest samples, though I've expanded considerably since then:


I based a lot of the ideas in it on a marching band field show I wrote when I was 14, which was (thankfully) never performed.

Anyway, I'd love to get some feedback, particularly regarding the mix. I'm confident in my arranging chops (though there are some things I'd change, in retrospect), but I'm definitely not where I'd like to be yet with mixing. Also, if any of you enjoy my work and would like to collaborate some time, please let me know! Though I'm new to the community, I'm very passionate about video game music.

I look forward to interacting with you fine folks!


P.S., If I've done anything wrong with the posting protocol, please let me know. I plead ignorance!

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Wow, this is really nice! Demo for Video Games Live, super! I can imagine this played live!

As for this mix, are you planning to leave it in sample form? There are ways to make samples sound more human, I'm sure you are aware of this? Automating CC11 for flow, panning strategies, layering articulations to make realistic lines, reverb/delay/eq tricks? What exactly are you hoping to do, or to improve?

As wonderful as this medley is, OCR doesn't accept straight medleys to be posted. The themes need to be more integrated somehow, rather than playing one right after the other. Not sure if you were hoping to submit to OCR? Or just getting feedback (which is fine!).

Let us know your goals and we'll help! Thanks for sharing, nice to have you here!

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Wow, these replies have totally made my day!

Chimpazilla, I actually did submit it a couple weeks ago, but I realized there was a chance that it might not fit the bill of what you want for OCR. I know you're one of the judges, so just scratch mine from the pile whenever you get it, if you don't mind.

As for the "human" aspect of things, I totally know what you mean- I just got into the wonderful world of samples about a year ago, and even since making this medley I've made leaps and bounds in the humanization department. I've also just been working on a laptop, so my capabilities have been hampered (I have very big plans for the near future in the computer department, though :twisted:).

Mix-wise, I know about all those things, I'm just not very good at them yet... I have friends that are much better mixers than me, so for professional things (film scores, etc.) I have them do it.

As for my goals, I just want to find outlets for arranging video game tunes for orchestra, live or not! Any way that it can be enjoyed by fellow VGM fans is fine with me. I'm also a very strong pianist, so if there are ever ways I can help out in that respect, I'm all for it.

Thanks again for the kind words. It's very encouraging!

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