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Mega Man 4 - Idea Dumping (Skull Man Theme))


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This idea for a song popped in my head after listening to the Kill La Kill soundtrack.

A cinematic/orchestral take on Skull Man's Theme. The song of itself creates tension and/or imagery of a dynamic fight scene when you hear it. (Drums add to the tension.)

The track's name would be called Harmony of War.

Since I'm no musician in the slightest, I just felt like at least expressing this idea to whoever reads this thread. Anyone is welcome to take the idea.

So, any thoughts on the idea?

I just secretly want more Mega Man 4 remixes as it was my first Mega Man game and love the soundtrack a lot.

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It's not orchestral in the least (more prog rock) but I did this exact same song for PRC278. Feel free to check it out at https://soundcloud.com/jorito/megaman-4-bone-to-pick :)

The original thought I had was a song that created tension but I'm really digging this song. :3 For some odd reason, I'm picturing Skull Man (while wearing a hoodie) in a Rocky training montage, jogging up a long set of stairs and punching a bag wearing boxing gloves. Why does a robot need to exercise is any ones guess.

Now I'm picturing Dr. Cossack showing up at the end of said montage to say, "What are you doing? You're a robot, you don't need to exercise."

Sorry my mind wanders sometimes...

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