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*NO* Mega Man 3 'Magnet Man is Made of Metal'


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Contact Information

Your ReMixer name: Aaron Alone

Your website: http://soundcloud.com/aaronalone

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged: Mega Man 3

Name of arrangement: Magnet Man Is Made Of Metal

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Magnet Man stage theme

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc: This is an up-tempo, thrash inspired take on the happy-go-lucky Magnet Man theme. I recorded all the guitar parts myself and sequenced the drums. I added a short, dual-guitar solo at the start of the second loop. Enjoy!


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Quick thoughts... this is a very good sounding rock/metal-lite cover of this source... but at 1:13, it is way too short. I hope he will expand it!

edit 11/7/14: I really love the sound of this mix, it is quite well produced. It is just too short. It is one quick nearly-verbatim playthrough of the source. I'd love a short original interlude at the end of what's here, then another playthrough of the source with lots of variation and maybe a wicked solo. Let's have some more development! I can't wait to hear this again.

NO (resubmit please)

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Let me get this out of the way right now: the guitar is nice. Very cool, well played. I have no complaints whatsoever about anything guitar-oriented in this track.

The arrangement is straight-forward. Unfortuantely, as Chimpazilla already mentioned, a straight-forward arrangement of a track from Mega Man tends to ultimately yield a short overall duration. The solo section was cool and mixed things up nicely, but one of the important things to understand about arranging music is that there are ways to add variation without simply adding new sections. Most of the stuff that's from the original is taken at face value and just reinterpreted to fit the new style and instruments. I like the addition of new harmonies, but because so little time is spent on each segment of the original, it all flies past without much time to bask.

As a whole, the production work is quite good. The drum sequencing is effective, and while it's obvious that the drums are sequenced, it's not detrimental to the track, because I can tell you spent a lot of time programming in each hit.

I want to give this a YES, but there just isn't enough there yet. I'd recommend trying to expand upon and reinterpret the original a bit further, and then this one's good to go.

NO (resub please)

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Liking your rock take on this source. It sounds polished. Your instrumentation is solid and believable, and there are a lot of things in here for a 1:19 min track.

As the others have said, a great mix but too short (the high tempo works against you a bit here). It also feels a little too coverish. To beef up the arrangement, I think you could include some kind of extended solo section in there, and add a few more sections either side to expand the mix. You have a lot of talent in here, just gotta make it longer for it to pass.

NO (please resub)

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