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Looking for a few Zelda aLttP "OST Remaster" tracks

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I've recently been involved with a project to hack Zelda: A Link to the Past using a recently-developed co-processor called the MSU-1, which enables the streaming of full, CD-quality audio tracks. You can see a demo video of this hack

. The code portion is basically finished, but the end result is only as good as the actual tracks used as replacement. Some of the other people working on this hack have settled on using tracks from the Zelda ReOrchestrated project, but personally, I'm not a big fan of those tracks for this purpose. They just don't feel right in-game, and it's kind of distracting the way the tracks feel more like a live orchestral performance than an OST. The problem is, it's hard to find good, high-quality versions of these audio tracks that still sound like OST's, rather than, say, orchestral performances, or the kinds of remixes typically found on this site (as they would be rejected for being "too close to the original source").

Now, I understand that the fact that what I'm asking for is exactly the sort of thing that wouldn't be accepted as a submission here makes it a bit weird for me to be asking here, but I literally can't think of a better place to find someone with both the talent and interest in a project like this. To be clear, I am NOT asking for a full soundtrack. That would be quite a huge task, as the soundtrack is 35 tracks (well... 33 if you ignore the fact that track 8 is the mirror warp sound, and track 15 is never actually used in the game). Luckily for me, the recent 3DS game A Link Between Worlds has exactly what I'm looking for, as they re-did many of the tracks found in aLttP, so that's primarily what I'm using for my own personal track collection. However, they didn't cover all of the aLttP tracks, and I'm looking for someone willing to help with the rest. I DID manage to find replacements for the entire soundtrack, pulling from a couple of different sources, so I'm not currently missing any. It's just that I'm not really happy with some of the ones I had to pull from other places, and I thought I'd at least throw out the idea here and see if anybody was interested in replacing a few of those. There are about 10 tracks that I wasn't able to find a match for in ALBW, but of those 10, a couple of them are really short, like the "you got a pendant" fanfare, which is like 10 seconds.

I have hardly any experience with the production side of music, but I really do believe that what I'm looking for is simpler than most remixes done here, so I'm hoping that it's not a huge task and that somebody might be willing to help me out. In terms of arrangement, I'm looking for not much departure from the original source tracks, but just enough that it doesn't sound like you just took the original sequences and swapped the sound font (which is basically what I have for most of the non-ALBW tracks). Most of these are 30s-1m long, and then just loop endlessly. If I manage to get even 1 or 2 tracks, it would still be amazing.

Here are the tracks I'm looking for, in order of importance (i.e. the ones I want to replace the most):

-Dark World Dungeon

-Battle with Ganon

-Opening Demo

-Boss Clear Fanfare

-The Soldiers of Kakariko Village

-Turned into a Rabbit!

-Time of the Falling Rain


-Princess Zelda's Rescue

-Ganon's Message


Right now, my budget is basically 0, so I can't really pay anybody to do this. It's a passion project for me, and I'm hoping maybe somebody else might feel the same. You'll have your music in the game, which is pretty dang cool. Anyway... I figure it's a long shot, but on the off-chance that somebody is interested, let me know.

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