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The sheet music thread


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So, I haven't seen a thread linking sheet music sites and such for those who can't play by ear [yet]. But here's a few sites I use to find piano sheets [which I think are some of the most useful since you can translate them into sheets for single note instruments and whatnot but single note sheets you have to do more work to make into something like piano sheets].

This is all I got at the moment, but please share sites you know of and let's have a sheet music resource here so we can have more arrangers arranging more songs.


This has sheets for nearly every game in the nintendo franchise and more. Sometimes sheets are mediocre or just plain awful, however they update the sheets as new sheets obsolete the old sheets [like at TASvideos where new runs obsolete the old runs] e.g. At home I have two versions of "Airship" from mario 3 The bassline has been updated [previously it was :4th note, 4th note, double 8th, triplet: 4th, triplet, double 8th, triplet: lather rinse repeat (for most o the song anyway). And while it's not that big a deal the bass in the new sheet is more accurate as :4th,4th8th triplet, triplet,4th: 4th, triplet,double 8th, triplet: Plus the chords used to consist of only 2 notes and have changed to 3 note chords, also more accurate... So, if you find bad sheets there's a chance it will be updated in time with better sheets].

. o ( Hoping I can continuously edit this first post so I can keep updating it as more sites are posted)

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