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Crediting long YouTube videos


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Hello guys,

I'm making this post to help others who use OCRemix tracks in their content and want to credit artists well, and for OCRemix artists to see and give feedback on.

I've been using OCRemix tracks in my let's play style videos instead of the game's soundtracks. I've been doing this for a few reasons, originally it was to avoid nasty Content Holding companies, but I've come to enjoy sharing the work you do.

Originally I used a simple way to credit in the descriptions of my videos.

Music provided by, and with permission from,

Star Salzman, www.starblast.org, http://ocremix.org/artist/4403/star-salzman

Ben Clifton (Arceace), http://ocremix.org/artist/13049/arceace

(OCRemix / http://ocremix.org)

This is fine and works, but it lacked the ability of knowing which artists were playing, and which of their songs were playing, and when in the video. My videos can be 1 hour long, and feature 10-15 songs throughout them.

Ideally I would have a list of artist-track name with timestamps in the description, for reference for the viewers!

I'm unable to watch the playlist and add songs to a list manually whilst also playing the game to create my video, so I had to come up with a solution.

My solution was to use Foobar2000 to play the music during recording, and using a component called "Foo_Navigator", which adds all song's played to a seperate playlist which you can copy and paste from and add to a text file, then clear for the next recording. This creates a handy list of what played during the recording.

(Sometimes it will not add the last song that played since it only adds if 50% of the song has played, so you need to look in the console to see what the last song was and add that to the list manually, but it's not too difficult to do that.)

You then delete unnecessary parts of the file name until you are left with Artist - Title.

To add time stamps you simply start at 00:00, then cumulatively add the times of each track to see when the next starts and so on. I used an online site to do this since my math skills are rusty. (www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/time/hours-minutes-seconds.php)

This creates a nice handy list as I desired. I have done this for my latest video, It's not out on the channel yet but it's description will look something like this:

Music provided by, and with permission from,

Star Salzman, www.starblast.org, http://ocremix.org/artist/4403/star-salzman

Zircon, http://zirconmusic.com

Big Giant Circles, http://music.biggiantcircles.com/

(OCRemix / http://ocremix.org)

40:58 Star Salzman - Street Fighter II 'Tatsumakisenputronic'

37:26 zircon - Super Metroid 'Ashes to Ashes'

33:54 Big Giant Circles - Metroid II 'Anthem of a Metroid Hunter'

28:23 Star Salzman - Xenogears 'Pillar of Salt'

24:48 zircon - Final Fantasy V 'Vessel of the Void'

21:25 zircon - Tails and the Music Maker 'Picolescence'

14:38 Big Giant Circles, zircon - Final Fantasy VII 'Every Story Begins with a Name'

10:57 zircon - Team Fortress 2 'Electrodispenser'

6:16 zircon - Chrono Trigger 'Subterranean Opus'

3:20 Star Salzman - Space Harrier 'I Got the Spacebeam'

0:00 zircon - Final Fantasy VI 'Desertion'

Hopefully the description box on Youtube will hold all that information, if possible I will try to format it so all the song title names line up, but I've had trouble in Youtube descriptions with this king of thing, I'll need to find some example where this kind of thing is done correctly.

Please let me know what you think of this, music creators and fellow music users.

My Youtube channel is www.youtube.com/pattoe if you guys want to check what kind of content your creations are being used on. The new crediting system won't be used until tomorrow, as i've got a video lined up where I didn't have the right software to create the list.

p.s. I love your music Arceace, the reason none of your tracks are in the latest video is because shuffle was cruel. Next time I'll kick the video off with one of your tracks to ensure you're in it! :)

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After a bit of tinkering and searching, also found a foobar component called pretty popups that will get the info to show on screen when the song starts!

I edited the look of the popup, since normally it looks pretty ugly, but the component has great configurations to it. I also changed some of the lines, so it shows the address to the artist's OCRemix artist page.

Below is an example!


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Don't worry about the length of the YouTube description. There's a length limit of over 4000 characters (I wrote some long descriptions back in the day :lol:). Your bottom quote doesn't come close (it's 850 characters), and it's for a video that's apparently about 45 minutes long. At that frequency of song inclusion, I would think that you could technically make 3 hour videos or so (but I would actually suggest 1 hour videos at maximum to keep people from just skipping around in the video out of impatience or boredom).

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