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The Simpsons Guy; The Family Guy & The Simpsons Crossover. What Did You Think?


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Very weird, very weird indeed.

I found it weird how each other were saying the character's saying.

Like Peter say 'mmmmm Donut' and Homer saying Peter's Says. Another where Stewie was saying 'Eat my shorts" and "cowabunga". Etc. The fight at the end with Peter and Home was very weird as well. Having characters from The Simpsons, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burger's was strange. and it what a crossover, but I thought it was meant to be The Simpsons and Family Guy. But yet again people who created Family did also make The Cleaven's Show and American Dad. But still those two other show should came in to it.

When Peter said "I'm just tired, Louis. It's just that we mainly only do this for a Half-an-hour." (Get it? - Because Family Guy, The Simpsons only manley go on for 30 minutes with ads.)

The gag at the starting where Family was watching TV and it was a show about a two show's Crossing over, was inducting there was going to be a Crossover with the show, Family Guy.

So I will rate it a 6.5/10. - I mean It wa good but not grate. also I don't know why, but I want to see another one done again. But maybe The Simpsons going to Family Guy's town/state.

What's your thought/s?

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I have yet to watch this crossover, I did watch the Futurama one, which was alright I guess.

But to my point, these are two VERY tired series, and I'd rather them just end them. Maybe my taste in humor has changed, or maybe these shows just can't top their earliest seasons. I'm probably just a grumpy old man.

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