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  1. Still nice to see this place chugging along, just went through and listened to a few songs on here and Dwelling of Duels, can't believe my account is still on here!
  2. You should look at what was auctioned off at his home. I had seen a digital pamphlet for the auction and one section was entirely devoted to his gaming collection. He had all sorts of Sega arcade machines, store demo units for systems like the Dreamcast and countless other items.
  3. Still doesn't confirm for me why Sonic 3 and Knuckles gets denied digital release on IOS or a 3DS incarnation to complete my collection
  4. B-buh-but anime! So apparently the game is going to be episodic. It'll probably be done by the time PS5 is at the end of its life cycle,
  5. The breadth of the accusations of sexism/racism gets to the point of exhaustion and some are into being so offended to the point of absurdity or it being all that makes them happy. Maybe it's just that I'm a straight white male and therefore my thoughts are completely invalid, even though I can agree games can do without a bunch of T&A. I'm towards the end of Xenoblade on my 3DS, and there have been a few outfits that were completely eye roll worthy if not outright laughably dumb. The only thing I keep in mind is the game was designed primarily for a culture that isn't bothered by this stuff. Doesn't necessarily excuse it, but it is what it is, for now. If a indie game designer wants to get angered by the gaming community's stupidity or rejection of their game by all means go for it. Tale of Tales made it a point to have a public melt down over Sunset being a commercial failure, and that is my go to example of how not to handle yourself. It's amazing how irresponsible people can be with social media and by the same measure be so affected by it, the unfortunate cost of anonymity and a public profile I guess. Apologies if you think I'm trying to be double standard on this. I'm trying to see both sides on it
  6. Question, as someone who has never really played Pokemon, which of these versions of the original games are great for a noob? I'm leaning towards Yellow but I hear that one isn't as good. If not, what Pokemon aren't in the other games respective versions?
  7. It's a bit of being critical of the AAA scene and even some elements of the indie scene. I don't mind things like Depression Quet or Sunset existing and would never demand every game be a "true" game, I believe there can be something for everyone. But tell that to the press we have that often tries to imply sexism or racism if a game doesn't pass the bechdel test This is a bit off the topic but the thing that gets me is how the developers of some of these obscure indie games get upset over not becoming an multi millionaire over night. They'll complain about consumerism/capitalism when it doesn't go their way. The truth of the matter is that when you put your game or ideas out to the public, it's up to complete scrutiny no matter how much they may think they're right and everyone else wrong. Of course tell that to the countless websites that are closing comments sections because they don't like getting corrected on their mistakes and called out on constantly insulting their readership.
  8. A year on after all this mess, and quite honestly my opinion on it all hasn't changed much. I don't trust ANY major gaming webpages, NeoGaf is still trash and is even more ban happy if you don't "tow the party line", and places like Verge/Polygon and Kotaku continue to be as awful as ever the last time I bothered looking at them. I don't care about GG, and really don't think I ever will. But I can say that while I agree that games can do better with representation in diversity, as can all mediuims, I'm against it being shoe horned in so as to deflect criticism, it ends up being more as tokenism. But I also think we're getting there naturally, it won't happen overnight. What really gets me annoyed is the way all these journalists/websites say they want to have a discussion and only want to shut down any methods to discussion that doesn't align with their view, a "safe space"/coddle corner if you will. This social stuff has turned me off to any sort of discussions on these topics, I've deleted my Twitter and Tumblr account because I want nothing to do with these people and I don't find them useful anymore. I stuck to the bare minimum of engaging in gaming culture and even less so now, and I'm honestly happier for it. I firmly think that game journalists got so butt hurt over Roger Ebert's statements in 2010 as to why he didn't think games were art that they were determined to prove him wrong by going to the extremes they do now with their reviews and videos (extra credits, and no I don't care if they first got noticed here), as if their profession will ever be taken serious by people who have no interest in this stuff. I don't care if games are art or if they're "PC" enough to the San Fran hipster Progressive crowd, is the game good and entertaining? Does it play well, or work properly? Does it covey it's story or message fairly well? That's all I want or expect.
  9. Meh, I duck in once in a while and do nothing of value. Plus I mainly chat in Hardcore Gaming 101's forums these days since I got kicked out of NeoGaf (which isn't hard in the slightest), and another site I was active in died out
  10. I've heard people supposedly boycotting the film over this, but from what I've heard those arguments over it are overblown and silly. Most have just said there's a sense of feminism, but since I've not seen it I wouldn't say for sure.
  11. I posted it earlier, but it was my love and enjoyment of Super Mario RPG that I just picked a random name.
  12. I have yet to watch this crossover, I did watch the Futurama one, which was alright I guess. But to my point, these are two VERY tired series, and I'd rather them just end them. Maybe my taste in humor has changed, or maybe these shows just can't top their earliest seasons. I'm probably just a grumpy old man.
  13. So I hear that Arthur Chu is having a Gamergate panel at MagFest, I can only think that won't go well. In other MagFest related things, I wish I could attend, but my finances and recent events prohibit me from attending. I hope everyone has a great time though.
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