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Giving away two Nintendo Club codes


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Anyone need a couple Nintendo Club codes? I have 2 I am not going to use ever, especially with Nintendo shutting down the program. They're from A Link Between Worlds and Paper Mario Sticker Star if that matters.

In order to give people who log in at a later time a chance for the codes, I'm going to have you play a simple guessing game. You have one guess per code.

In the likely event that no one wants to play this game with me, that Nintendo Club codes aren't that coveted, or if no one makes a correct guess then I'll give away the codes to the first two posters in the thread by 23:59 PST Friday night.

Zelda code: What is my favorite Dungeons & Dragons race?

Paper Mario code: Who is my favorite Chrono Cross character?

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Yeah, it sucks they are shutting the program down, but perhaps they'll replace it with something better. I can't venture a guess at your questions because I've never played D&D or Chrono Cross, but posting here in case you end up giving them away. I think my coin total isn't very high, so these might enable me to get a decent game download or two before the program closes. Thanks for the offer.

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I'll put in a guess for the Paper Mario code - is your favorite Chrono Cross character Harle? Kenogu Labz may have beaten me on this one though, as I'm guessing this based on your avatar.

EDIT: As you responded right as I posted, can I change my guess to Kid?

As for D&D, I'll guess human, because I would assume that that is a valid answer. (I've never played before though, so I have no idea if it really is.)

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As promised, I've delivered the codes to the first two posters for the specific codes they guessed on.

The answers! I like the drow the most in D&D because their society is fleshed out very well in the various books, unlike most other races in the game. And for Chrono Cross, my favorite character is actually Poshul.

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