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  1. I did that same search (among others), almost word for word, and Bing let me down. Nothing about Timeframe in the top 100 hits. Thanks again.
  2. That's it! Thank you soooooo much. That was driving me nuts.
  3. Can someone help me remember the name of this game? I've spent nearly an hour doing keyword searches and cannot for the life of me figure out what it was called. It's a fairly recent game where you have like 10 minutes or less to explore (in first-person) an abandoned civilization on a fairly desert-like world. There are hints of ruined buildings all around, and the game has a mostly brown hue/coloring. Each playthrough, you basically have a limited amount of time to explore as far as you want in any direction, and at the end of that set time, there is a very unexpected and surprising meteor strike that makes the whole screen flash. I remember the music being very beautiful, and it gets very loud as the meteor hits. Overall, the game really has an emotional feel, because the strike is so unexpected. I remember watching several people on YouTube do blind plays and capturing their reactions. I CANNOT for the life of me remember the name of the game. Would really appreciate any help!
  4. Dark Cloud might offer at least one possibility: If it counts, chanting starts around 0:33.
  5. Awesome idea and tempting to buy, but I'm wondering why they decided to limit it to ONLY these 30 games with no possibility of adding any more. Seems like a lot of wasted potential, given the nostalgia factor so many people seem to have with "that one game" that wasn't really mainstream. For instance, Top Gun.
  6. Good luck! Lock that core, engage the lower body and own it!
  7. Gonna go ahead and scratch this one off the list. Put up 275 for a triple, double then single today Dear 285, I am coming for YOU.
  8. Try putting in "One Arm Lat Pulldown" in the tracking search to see if that's what you're talking about.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement, man. Super-congrats on the certification and new client! Hope you get lots of enjoyment out of that.
  10. It makes the booty go BOOM. I haven't received a year-in-review email either.
  11. Did anyone hit their goals for 2015? I did okay and could have done way better, but 2015 threw a lot of emotional turbulence at me, really made my focus suffer. But, as it stands: GOALS Bench Press: NO. Advanced from 235 for three reps to 255 for three reps. Got 265 for two. Squat: NO. Worst progress of all five lifts. Advanced from 245 for three reps to 275 for three reps, and tweaked my back attaining that new goal (had my rack set too high, and had to go on my toes a bit to put the bar back on. My back didn't like it for some reason...) Pullups: YES! Three clean, dead-hang pullups with two plates on me. New goal for 2016 is 110. Deadlift: SO CLOSE. Got 355 then my left knee really started to act up. Had to switch from conventional stance to sumo stance and start building my way back up, but I'm really optimistic about progress for this year. Setting my goal a bit higher at 385. Overhead Press: NO. Advanced from 155 to 165. I guess the explosion of strength I gained in my shoulders finally hit a plateau, but I think I can hit it this year. Body weight: NO. Got up to 203, but emotional stuff really made this fluctuate. Currently at 198 with bf % around 12, so hopefully we'll see some better progress as my stress evens back out. How did you all do?
  12. Can't give you any tips on switching gyms, but I'm guessing the wooden platform you mentioned is for deficit deadlifts and other similar exercises. When you're tracking pullups or dips, go to "advanced options," it drops down from the upper-right corner of the exercise. You can then select bodyweight or added/subtracted weight. However, if you're tracking on your phone, I've heard some people have issues with advanced options on mobile devices.
  13. My experience with this has been like so: those who say they think they are eating enough probably aren't. Those who think they are NOT eating enough DEFINITELY aren't.
  14. I would chalk it up to "writers gonna write, bloggers gonna blog." All it takes is a little exposure for something like this to catch fire. I'm sure there is plenty of more amazing stuff out there, but I don't sit down and actively look for that kind of music. So, if I come across it in an article or something else, I'll likely check it out. Not fair, but the nature of the beast. @Pumpkin King - Full disclosure: I've watched your vids more times than I have the keytar man's
  15. This is awesome. That is all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEBzDjHPLAs
  16. Nice! Keep movin' on up. Glad to hear you're still making an effort to get in there. I'm betting that soon you'll hit an unexpected moment where you realize you're really starting to enjoy it, and can't bear to be away for more than a day or two. In other news, Friday is the best day of the week. Not because it's the start of the weekend, but because Friday is SHOULDER DAY.
  17. Does this group even lift anymore? Who achieved a goal recently? Who is still recovering from an injury? Who is finally injury free and back on track (me)? Who is getting so swole their friends are becoming concerned for their health?
  18. I might be the only person this hasn't happened to, but that doesn't mean I'd be horrified if someone else did it beside me. Just own it, look at whoever might have heard it (if they're looking at you) and shrug. Bonus points if you say, "Sometimes the awesome just can't be contained."
  19. Soul Splint

    Diablo III

    Haha, that made me laugh. I'll be sure to drop you a line if I do become interested in getting a gaming PC. As for now, bought D3 on the Xbox One and began playing last night.
  20. Soul Splint

    Diablo III

    I would play on PC, but sadly I no iz master race. I have only a standard laptop that would probably self-destruct if I tried to run anything more taxing than Half-Life.
  21. Soul Splint

    Diablo III

    Hey D3-ers, As I understand it this game is going on sale for Xbox One soon for a heavy discount, so I'm considering getting it. I've never played any Diablo games, but I generally enjoy RPGs, and I especially enjoyed Torchlight on the Xbox 360, and as I understand it there are a lot of similarities between Torchlight and Diablo. So, I guess my question is, if I pick this up, am I likely to feel overwhelmed and clueless, or is this pretty approachable to someone who has never played a Diablo game and is somewhere between "novice" and "experienced" when it comes to dungeon crawlers?
  22. I'm starting to think we need to change the group name to "Sick/Injured Club ahoy."
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