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Street Fighter 2 - Noble Knockouts By A Bison Like Tyson (Master Mi Remix)

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This is my remix of the Balrog Theme from Street Fighter 2 - in honour of the Street Fighter series, the character Balrog and his badass theme and of course in honour of Mike Tyson - one of the best and straightest boxers in human history.

Original game track:


Newest version of my remix: 1.2

>>> https://clyp.it/0qz3jt4t

Further information relating to the newest update of my remix you can find in the description of the Youtube upload.


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Okay, Mi. I'll take a stab.

I like the sounds you have chosen for this, very smooth sounds. I'm mostly hearing distorted bass, trumpet, base drum kit, and a bit of piano here and there. Not what I had pictured for a street fight on the Vegas Strip, but it suits the theme.

The first thing that stands out to me is the repetitiveness; those base chords are present throughout the entire song.

I like the change at 1:50; new beats and new synth to break it up, but it leads into the same sort of repetitiveness.

Another change at 2:45. I like the violins playing the violin with minimal percussion. Effective.

The outro starting at 5:28 is also interesting.

Do you see the theme I'm getting at here? The track is smooth, and well timed with a good sound, but there is nothing in this piece that 'wows' me. Nothing that jumps out and says listen to me - the changes here and there to break up an otherwise very monotonous progression are essentially the most interesting parts of the track, IMO. You might fix this by adding a bit more diversity to both the number of instruments (try saxophone - every big city track has sax!) and the amount of fill work in each section to help brighten up each part of the listening experience (vary up the drums as one suggestion).

I'd also recommend looking at the track length - 6:00 is a bit on the long side, especially given what I just said on repetitiveness. Maybe keep the whole track to three full loops and put that nice violin part between loops 2 and 3. Just a suggestion.

I hope this helps!

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No big news in da house.

But since I deleted my track just by accident on Youtube I reuploaded it with some changes in the sound quality, a much wider stereo panorama and a few changes in the VSTI & synthesizer settings for a fuller and cleaner sound.

Maybe check it out - it's still version 1.2 (only edited the post).

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