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Looking for a vocalist for a Transistor arrangement


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I recently just got finished with an instrumental and more orchestra based arrangement of In Circles from Transistor, and was wondering if anyone would perhaps like to lend some vocals? I'm afraid I don't have anything to offer and this will likely not be submitted to OCR, but if you're still interested I'd really appreciate it. The arrangement follows the exact timings of the original so if the woodwind is a little distracting for recording, following

might be easier. The
could also be easier.

A link to the current state of the arrangement is below.


Thanks in advance! This is probably the version I'm going to upload as a sort of base instrumental on my channel maybe even as early as tonight, but I feel like vocals would add a lot to it.

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I'd be happy to give it a shot, if you're okay with a male voice instead of a female one. I can send a few samples along or sing something of your choice so you can get a feel for whether my voice fits your ideas or not. Just say the word.

Sure, that actually sounds like it could be really cool! If you could send some samples that would be sweet.

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