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    Everything I remix I do by ear (as a method to help improve my general musical ability, and also because I find it oddly fun), so I'm afraid no sheet music for any of my songs has ever been made.

    If anyone needs help with piano arranging for something that doesn't originally use pianos, I'm your man. Possibly.
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  1. From personal experience, when you want to get a solo instrument to sound good (as in realistic good) - specifically strings - it's incredibly important to do more than just articulation and CCs. It's about the timings, the swells of the expression, the up-bows, down-bows, the human qualities that a string player would inject. As such, doing that in computer facing a screen of options and hundreds of bad choices that you might make obviously make that seem pretty tough. I still tend to avoid solo string instruments excluding violin because of this kind of difficulty. There's a researcher in the music department of my university who is currently working on actually physically modelling string instruments specifically so that they can create a more realistic human feel to a sound, but the basic gist of everything is that an actual performer does a lot of things subconsciously and as such, modelling these is very very difficult.
  2. I've been wanting to work on an orchestral remix of this track for ages but never really had enough of the right equipment or software to get the sound I really wanted. This is a very close to finished WIP - still need to make an ending, but everything else is here and looks to be working quite nicely. Also just going to plug Black_Doom's Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Album which this should hopefully be a part of!
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. I'd definitely recommend Stormdrum 2 as well, I've only had good experiences with it so far. Some of the patches will be really useful in basically every situation, with a lot of sound design, ambient, and subtle percussion as well as some incredibly heavy hitting samples (Roman War Ensemble, Godzilla Hits and The Beast being the stand outs). Things like the hang drum and some of the more bongo-sounding drums make for some really interesting additions to an overall composition too, and the experience working with each of the different instruments is pretty much invaluable having not touched percussion before I picked it up.
  5. I've wanted to work on this track for a long time, but after starting an arrangement I realised the content of the actual mix is fairly thin so I decided to make a hybrid of a piano cover and a usual orchestral arrangement. The percussion was really the main focus for the second part so the rest of the arrangement is slightly too thick in some places and too thin in others, but I feel like the original shines through quite nicely. Also first time using a trumpet so if it sounds a little forced it's because I haven't gotten used to writing for it yet.
  6. Sure, that actually sounds like it could be really cool! If you could send some samples that would be sweet.
  7. I recently just got finished with an instrumental and more orchestra based arrangement of In Circles from Transistor, and was wondering if anyone would perhaps like to lend some vocals? I'm afraid I don't have anything to offer and this will likely not be submitted to OCR, but if you're still interested I'd really appreciate it. The arrangement follows the exact timings of the original so if the woodwind is a little distracting for recording, following might be easier. The could also be easier.A link to the current state of the arrangement is below. Thanks in advance! This is probably the version I'm going to upload as a sort of base instrumental on my channel maybe even as early as tonight, but I feel like vocals would add a lot to it.
  8. And finished! Apart from some minor changes or additions, this seems to be getting really close to being finished. For the first track using regular drums, it feels like I threw myself into the deep end with drums programming, but I feel like it paid off with the end result. Just for a little comparison of how much I've learned while making this, the drum line in the intro is actually the first attempt I had at trying to make drums for this, and I decided to keep it in for a little contrast. Any criticisms or suggestions before I upload this would be fantastic! Version 1.0 Also just for fun, here's a version with just the strings and a little woodwind.
  9. Maaaaaaaan, has this been fun to work on. 5/4 and 6/4 time signatures were a little tricky, but getting those drums was incredibly satisfying. I also had a lot of fun with the ambient beginning and the radio/lo-fi sound of a reworking of the basic drumline from the original. Gonna finish this up as soon as possible!
  10. Thanks for the feedback! This was basically completely for fun to ease myself back into arranging after working on so many original songs, so I'm not really *that* bothered about a lot of the mistakes I made on the mix, but I'm going to try and address a few of them before I upload the final version of this. Also, I'm really glad you liked the album! The response has been really cool for a lot of the tracks so far, I'm really psyched that so many people have enjoyed it. Final version should hopefully be done in maybe 5 hours-ish if I can squeeze enough creativity in it. Just hit half a million views on my Youtube channel so this is going to be a bit of a celebration video.
  11. Finished the structure! Definitely a more substantial medley, in the end the songs I decided to include were Zelda's Lullaby, Rainbow Road, Verdanturf Town, Gourmet Race, and Good Egg Galaxy. I'm really pleased with how the arrangement ended up turning out. Rainbow Road especially was really fun to work on, so I might end up making a full version of that after I'm done with polishing this up a little.
  12. So far I'm two songs in to this medley, wondering where to go next. The songs I've used are Zelda's Lullaby and Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7, and I'm hoping to add Good Egg Galaxy from Mario Galaxy next. Really enjoying working on such a free unrestricted arrangement - it's been a while since I've done something as fun as the Rainbow Road part considering I'm usually quite shy when to it comes to writing completely new orchestral parts for songs that normally aren't orchestrated.
  13. Just realized I'd never posted this on here yet, so here's the impromptu, mainly self-composed Overwatch trailer theme arrangement I made! Super hyped for this game, and it looks like it's going to be really sweet. "]
  14. As part of my university course, I've been learning to use the Visual Programming Language Pure Data (pd) as a way to not only explore some of the more maths-y and science-y concepts in music, but also to create a window into some of the more interesting effects that you can code from scratch with simple arguments to replicate plug-ins or fx in a DAW. It's been a pretty incredible experience so far, with a lot of what I've learned helping to complement my understanding of what it is certain effects actually do, and how they do them. I was just wondering, does anyone else use PD or a similar language to aid in composition or production of their music?
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