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  1. From personal experience, when you want to get a solo instrument to sound good (as in realistic good) - specifically strings - it's incredibly important to do more than just articulation and CCs. It's about the timings, the swells of the expression, the up-bows, down-bows, the human qualities that a string player would inject. As such, doing that in computer facing a screen of options and hundreds of bad choices that you might make obviously make that seem pretty tough. I still tend to avoid solo string instruments excluding violin because of this kind of difficulty. There's a researcher in the music department of my university who is currently working on actually physically modelling string instruments specifically so that they can create a more realistic human feel to a sound, but the basic gist of everything is that an actual performer does a lot of things subconsciously and as such, modelling these is very very difficult.
  2. I've been wanting to work on an orchestral remix of this track for ages but never really had enough of the right equipment or software to get the sound I really wanted. This is a very close to finished WIP - still need to make an ending, but everything else is here and looks to be working quite nicely. Also just going to plug Black_Doom's Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Album which this should hopefully be a part of!
  3. I'd definitely recommend Stormdrum 2 as well, I've only had good experiences with it so far. Some of the patches will be really useful in basically every situation, with a lot of sound design, ambient, and subtle percussion as well as some incredibly heavy hitting samples (Roman War Ensemble, Godzilla Hits and The Beast being the stand outs). Things like the hang drum and some of the more bongo-sounding drums make for some really interesting additions to an overall composition too, and the experience working with each of the different instruments is pretty much invaluable having not touched percussion before I picked it up.
  4. I've wanted to work on this track for a long time, but after starting an arrangement I realised the content of the actual mix is fairly thin so I decided to make a hybrid of a piano cover and a usual orchestral arrangement. The percussion was really the main focus for the second part so the rest of the arrangement is slightly too thick in some places and too thin in others, but I feel like the original shines through quite nicely. Also first time using a trumpet so if it sounds a little forced it's because I haven't gotten used to writing for it yet.
  5. Sure, that actually sounds like it could be really cool! If you could send some samples that would be sweet.
  6. I recently just got finished with an instrumental and more orchestra based arrangement of In Circles from Transistor, and was wondering if anyone would perhaps like to lend some vocals? I'm afraid I don't have anything to offer and this will likely not be submitted to OCR, but if you're still interested I'd really appreciate it. The arrangement follows the exact timings of the original so if the woodwind is a little distracting for recording, following might be easier. The could also be easier.A link to the current state of the arrangement is below. Thanks in advance! This is probably the version I'm going to upload as a sort of base instrumental on my channel maybe even as early as tonight, but I feel like vocals would add a lot to it.
  7. And finished! Apart from some minor changes or additions, this seems to be getting really close to being finished. For the first track using regular drums, it feels like I threw myself into the deep end with drums programming, but I feel like it paid off with the end result. Just for a little comparison of how much I've learned while making this, the drum line in the intro is actually the first attempt I had at trying to make drums for this, and I decided to keep it in for a little contrast. Any criticisms or suggestions before I upload this would be fantastic! Version 1.0 Also just for fun, here's a version with just the strings and a little woodwind.
  8. Maaaaaaaan, has this been fun to work on. 5/4 and 6/4 time signatures were a little tricky, but getting those drums was incredibly satisfying. I also had a lot of fun with the ambient beginning and the radio/lo-fi sound of a reworking of the basic drumline from the original. Gonna finish this up as soon as possible!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! This was basically completely for fun to ease myself back into arranging after working on so many original songs, so I'm not really *that* bothered about a lot of the mistakes I made on the mix, but I'm going to try and address a few of them before I upload the final version of this. Also, I'm really glad you liked the album! The response has been really cool for a lot of the tracks so far, I'm really psyched that so many people have enjoyed it. Final version should hopefully be done in maybe 5 hours-ish if I can squeeze enough creativity in it. Just hit half a million views on my Youtube channel so this is going to be a bit of a celebration video.
  10. Finished the structure! Definitely a more substantial medley, in the end the songs I decided to include were Zelda's Lullaby, Rainbow Road, Verdanturf Town, Gourmet Race, and Good Egg Galaxy. I'm really pleased with how the arrangement ended up turning out. Rainbow Road especially was really fun to work on, so I might end up making a full version of that after I'm done with polishing this up a little.
  11. So far I'm two songs in to this medley, wondering where to go next. The songs I've used are Zelda's Lullaby and Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7, and I'm hoping to add Good Egg Galaxy from Mario Galaxy next. Really enjoying working on such a free unrestricted arrangement - it's been a while since I've done something as fun as the Rainbow Road part considering I'm usually quite shy when to it comes to writing completely new orchestral parts for songs that normally aren't orchestrated.
  12. Just realized I'd never posted this on here yet, so here's the impromptu, mainly self-composed Overwatch trailer theme arrangement I made! Super hyped for this game, and it looks like it's going to be really sweet. "]
  13. As part of my university course, I've been learning to use the Visual Programming Language Pure Data (pd) as a way to not only explore some of the more maths-y and science-y concepts in music, but also to create a window into some of the more interesting effects that you can code from scratch with simple arguments to replicate plug-ins or fx in a DAW. It's been a pretty incredible experience so far, with a lot of what I've learned helping to complement my understanding of what it is certain effects actually do, and how they do them. I was just wondering, does anyone else use PD or a similar language to aid in composition or production of their music?
  14. Geez man, you're going places! Just saw the huge explosion of your channel recently because of the Five Nights At Freddie's videos and wow, it's crazy... Nice work, really awesome stuff!
  15. Maybe it came across as being somewhat against your side, but what I was trying to get across was that in my opinion, from the way the whole GamerGate thing started, those who are misogynistic or homophobic will likely be supporters of GamerGate. I'm in no way against the supposed main goal of GamerGate to promote ethical journalism, and I think this is an unfair generalisation to assume every single person in support of it is misogynistic or homophobic, but you can't deny that there will be a reasonably large (and undeniably vocal) group within the movement that has this kind of view. Also, just maybe a tip in conversing with people like a normal human being, demanding that I 'provide a falsifiable explanation' for what I explicitly said was just my opinion on the matter (that I think was fairly middle-ground in this whole debate anyway) might possibly be seen as being kind of rude. Just saying. I'm not fighting you. I'm nowhere near well informed enough on the links you posted and some of the events you referenced to even begin talking against this, but I think the phrase 'false narrative' is probably not the right way to describe what is going on. In something like this, if you're on an opposing side, it's often hard to see or understand the viewpoint of others, something that really is clearly a problem on all sides of this argument. Do you really think a journalist is going to willingly write an article that puts themselves, their friends, or their own thoughts in a bad light? Also at the end there you're starting to sound like there's some kind of anti-gamer illuminati or something... As much as it may be a 'McCarthyist diversion', it's still going to effect how well a movement like this is going to be seen by people who aren't actively involved in every little incident. Here's another example of where your tone is getting in the way of whatever you're trying to say - read what he said again. He didn't say 'reference', he said 'was it representative'. Jumping to conclusions and immediately being condescending makes you look like an asshole. Just as an aside, right now there is so much shit flying from every conceivable side that it's almost impossible to talk about this any more because people have absolutely no idea what they're even talking about any more. Let's say I'm not going to read hundreds of articles, view all of the tweets, or watch a video detailing everything that's happened so far. How do I even begin to understand what the hell is going on in a lot of the arguments in this thread?
  16. Jesus christ, I hope not. I've been following this whole thing from the sidelines, and I've come to the conclusion that there is no unified cause under the name 'GamerGate' any more. In my opinion, I'm pretty sure (and as much as I don't like labelling or generalisation of massive groups) that the entire 'movement' has been doomed from the start due to the fact that its basic foundation provides sanctuary for misogynists and homophobes. Vocal minorities reflect badly on large groups, and when you have the current situation, it's a PR nightmare where gamers in support of the group will be demonised from the start on the basis that they're somehow in cahoots with a bunch of misogynists and homophobes. This rant is the epitome of the worst possible way GamerGate can be seen - it's a generic straight male gamer proclaiming 'why aren't games catering to me?!' God forbid game devs and games be more accepting of people new to the series, or that they might create games that cater to everyone. The worst possible manifestation of this kind of toxic attitude is brought up in one of this guy's replies lower down on the page: 'This is a huge problem and unless we do something to reclaim our identity things are never going to get better.' The validity of whether the original issue was fair or not (which is probably going to be at the very least taken into account presumably in the next game if there was an issue in the first place) is completely thrown at the window, and suddenly it's just a guy not just saying that he doesn't feel catered to, but outright saying that 'this is not what games are; if you're a gamer, you should not allow it to be so'. Also just going to throw it out there that I'm neither for or against the movement (I was mildly peeved at the Bayonetta review when it seemed to be a reasonably empowering portrayal of women, but each to their own I guess), and my current position is that game journalism needs to abandon scores so that this isn't a problem any more. The approach IGN is taking with their side-bar 'if you like these game series, you'll like this game' is the way to go right now.
  17. I'm currently halfway through an original and after a couple of listens through I realised that it could be turned into a pretty cool remix of the main Skyrim theme with a couple of changes to the melody. What is the stance at the moment on releasing a song as part of an album (paid), and then submitting an altered version to the OCR judges?
  18. Currently still in the pre-mixing and -mastering phase, but all of the elements of my arrangement are here and this is the finished structure and layout. There are loads of clicks and pops all over the place because my computer couldn't handle one particular VST - I'll be redoing this while I master and add any suggestions people have. Please ignore the huge amount of them, I know they're there and they bug me too. Any and all suggestions and criticisms would be welcomed! I'm quite pleased with this arrangement so far and think it expands on the original themes quite nicely.
  19. Hi, I was just wondering, do you know when my remix (passed the panel, Zelda's Lament, from last April) is going to be posted? I don't mind if it's still a couple of months away, I'd just like to maybe get a little indicator of how long it might take. Thanks!

  20. I've wanted to work on something from Megaman 9 for a while and this track just begged for it. Turning it into a waltz was difficult, but I think it works quite nicely. First solo piano I've worked on this month so it seems to have turned out pretty well. Feedback would be fantastic!
  21. I can guarantee you, to your actual fans, bandcamp will almost always be the better deal. Also, from your spelling of 'legit' I think it's safe to assume you don't even know what that means. Is it just me or does CD Baby look dodgy as fuck? :L
  22. After about two years since For River was first requested by a friend, I finally got around to finishing this little arrangement of some songs from To the Moon. This is the first time using a new recording setup, so let me know if you think it sounds any better or worse than my previous recordings! | Tindeck Link
  23. Just learnt how to use output buses (what the hell was I doing before?!) and decided to test some stuff out. Everything's a little rough (still have no idea how to effectively use brass) but I like how everything's gone so far.
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