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Final Fantasy VII Jenova theme hard rock remix

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there's a lot I like about this! the uh keyboard ambiance synthy stuff is a nice touch, breaks it up a little from the kind of typical straight up rock cover I thought this was going to be. Also, the ways you break away from the source are really satisfying. I kind of wish there was more of that? I'm pretty cool with the source / original / source format as much as anyone, but I feel like you could take it even further. Not meaning more crazy soloing, just, more reinterpretation and playing with the source.

(side note, I thought for sure it was going to transition to a

part at 2:27 with that random synth wobbling in)

the drum patterning itself is nice, a good mix of.. variety and getting the job done but the sounds of the drums themselves seem a little off to me, somehow?

The first lead guitar seems a little distant in the beginning, like it's okay that it's not eating everything - I'm really glad you can still hear the bass and synthstuff through it, but even then it could probably be brought a touch forward?

Also, the way the tone changes at around 1:00, with the shift in volume and the introduction of that one guitar with the weird attack, is quite a bit jarring. Same thing when that guitar shows up at 3:12. That sound consumes all...

But overall yeah I think this is a really solid thing going on right now :D

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