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  1. omggggg I also remember the original one from the WIP forums or whatnot, what a crazy throwback! the years have truly gone by... but the quality and sublimity of this arrangement remain just as fresh! glad to see it on the big stage ❤️
  2. I think my hands down favorite is Mako Reactor from Final Fantasy 7! Maybe not an original choice but it is such a cool atmospheric track! It's been stuck with me since I played the demo as a very young child. I was so happy to hear the new versions in the Remake, including the Battle variant! Also, shout out to Forever Rachel, I haven't played much of FF6 and haven't heard this one in context, but I adore it so much, so beautiful and underrated.
  3. Ahh I love this kind of drum & bass with vocals! I'm not familiar with the game or the source, but this is really great and catchy, and produced so dang well! I think I could show this to folks who don't listen to video game music/remixes regularly and they'd really like it. Also.... just a heads up, in the writeup, both of the links for Earth Kid go to GuitarSVD's youtube page ;-;
  4. Oh heck yes! I wasn't familiar with this game's soundtrack but I do love me some good AJG <3 still waiting for someone to remix The Smurfs' Nightmare hahaha This remix is really well done! Kind of gives me a vibe of a futuristic-vibed old school adventure, and the vocoder has a really interesting texture that compliments the rest of the smoother stabby synths. Great job!
  5. would you believe that I got the email about this at work looked forward to checking it out when I got home all day and when I finally got home and went to ocremix dot org
  6. I think this is a really lovely little arrangment. Love the integration of both themes Something about changing the timing and tempo brings out something really pretty in the songs I wouldn't have suspected.
  7. No worries Cash, it's all the same and all lovely! Thank you so much! Yay so between Rexy and Cash I got: Never Alone Grim Fandango Remastered Crypt of the NecroDancer The Beginners Guide I'm really excited to play these! Some of them I've been looking at for a LONG time, or at least it feels that way. Merry Christmas everyone~!
  8. Yeah, rexy got me Steam things too! Because they are just very sweet sweethearts I guess. Aw <3 Thank you so much!
  9. The show and tell is tradition, from what I recall of years past. Lots of fun btw, my person: I won't be at the home address that I provided until the 18th or so when I finish my (last!) college semester, so don't worry if a thing says it shipped and I haven't said anything...!
  10. Yay! Glad that those lil guys made it to you safely. They look awesome in that already awesome collection - glad I could add to it
  11. Kabam. Ordered my person their thing(s) early so I wouldn't forget. Kinda simple but I think/hope they'll be happy with them
  12. I think I'll try this again. Last year was messy because I was an idiot and also was in between houses, but this year is much more stable. So my address will actually be my address this year. Sorry kitty! I'm sure the thing was awesome <3
  13. I like this quite a bit. Even the lower-than-average recording quality is kind of endearing. Kind of adds to the feel of it. My biggest complaint is that it fades out so quickly, when it feels like there's at least another minute worth of things to say. You know what they say about these things though, better wanting more then having too much...
  14. I can do another batch, since I have a long weekend to look forward to. .... where are we anyway with the numbers?
  15. I have such a soft spot for this song. Nothing like a false sense of security before being thrown a ton of bass and drummage unexpectedly a minute into the song. Plus the source tune really lends itself well to this building up and breaking down, having all sorts of madness occur around the fringes of an otherwise simple melody. I think those are some of my favorite kinds of songs generally.... maybe this is not a super ambitious remix but I enjoy the heck out of it anyway.
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