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The Ultimate software ?

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I would love to know what i would need to make music that sounds like any good japanese rpg music. Heres a sample of what i'm talking about :


reminds me a bit of wild arms 1 and that kind of very japanese game music ! i have no idea how to get my stuff to sound like that !

Thanks !

I really like to work with Reason, but i do have cubase fruity loop and sonar... Just tell me how you know i'd be sure to get that sound i want, software + sound banks or whatever, thanks !

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err, there is no 'magical mystery tool' if that's what you're asking. it takes musical skill more than anything.

any of the programs you listed are perfectly capable of creating works akin to the sample you linked to there with the right sample sets. the question is whether or not you are capable of writing and producing the music in the first place.

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Yeah. Any sequencer you listed is capable of doing this kind of thing. What you REALLY want to look into would be the samples, synths, and effects used to get that characteristic sound. As far as I'm aware, most Japanese RPG soundtracks are created using traditional hardware workstations and sound modules from brands like Yamaha, Roland, and Korg. The SC-88 for example has been used as the orchestral palette for countless RPGs. In other words, while modern sound software like Komplete 3 and SampleTank have wonderful sounds, they probably will not give you the classic "Japanese RPG" sound. To get that you would want to check out things like Edirol Orchestral, the Korg M1/Wavestation VST, and sample CDs of keyboards from the mid to late 90s.

Just my two cents. I could be wrong on some of this.

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ReMix.exe , it has a built in search engine that scours the VGMusic database. All you do it type in the name of a game, then chose from a list of MIDIs, click ReMix and it does all the work for you.

I freaking love that program.

Anyway, Zircon is probably right. The old Edirol VSTs like SuperQuartet and HQ orchestral have that slightly synthy Playstation 1 kind of sound. Those would be good if you don't want to deal with hardware stuff. Now choose your favorite seqencer and start writin' some music. :)

And, it would seriously help if you had some prior remixing experience. It took a while for my stuff to sound EXACTLY how I wanted it to. One thing i find that helps is listening to a lot of the type of music you wish to write. I've found that it can infuence your compositional style.

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