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  1. Good start for a hardstyle track. If I'm gonna get my shuffle on, I need some damn kick. This isn't really an option for hardstyle. Compression is awesome, and definitely a staple of any dance music genre / sound, but you might wanna look at what's on your master channel. The compression is really audible and grainy (I'm guessing it's either Fruity Compressor / Limiter, or Maximus if you're using FL. Sounds like it to me too). How much compression is on your individual instruments and what's on your master? Lastly, I'd say your intro could be shorter possibly, but it would be fine if you introduce a kick somewhere through there. 18 hours is just scratching the surface!
  2. Well I'm wearing a Job For a Cowboy shirt. Most people still ask me about my orchestral work. I make dance music now. I think this question can be answered this way. Do you LET the music you hear / create determine your identity? As others have stated I don't think it inherently does, but certainly if you like a certain type of music and then buy into all related culture surrounding it, then yes absolutely. I'm going thru a phase now where I'm determining how much I like music just by the vibrations entering my ears. That's why I posted the first sentence. I see nowadays that along with liking or being partial to a certain style / genre, lots of people blindly buy into everything else associated with it when they start to get into it. I can't say it's easy to avoid when you become that far into a certain niche. I've gone through phases of complete obsession with lots of types of music and I only feel recently like I know who I am enough to let these things affect me less. Music is just sound. Do you like said sound? Maybe you do like said sound but current social surroundings would present an embarassing situation if you show it....I now digress from just the core topic of "music", but it's difficult to relate to identity at all when you break it down to just sound. So conclusively that almost would be a no from me, but complex issue. I'm tempted to say just like lots of other things..."depends on the person".
  3. Thanks. I am honestly not gonna delve into how I mastered Ride the Boogie in this thread as I don't wanna be the one to give everyone instructions on how to turn their beautiful waveforms into bricks for loudness war weapons. You can PM me if you want to chat about it as I could still go on forever.
  4. Thanks for the good words. Everything was done entirely in FL. The big brosteppy basslines are obviously NI Massive, but pretty much everything else melodic is saw / sine waves from 3xOSC and other bare bones sutbtractive synthesizers. The rest is all sampled from something. I've got a fresh batch of cookies for anyone who can tell me what songs or content some of these tracks contain.
  5. Well I only listened to this once. I was kind of confused at first, but about after the first minute I found myself zoned out and listening while browsing the web, and then the song was just about over before I realized this. Doesn't usually happen to me unless said music is acceptable and listenable to me, so uh....good job I guess?!?! Only thing i'd pick on is the delay on your guitar track. A little less maybe?
  6. There's some cool stuff in there. Mainly the middle. Dynamics appreciated, but the sidechaining effect is really aLL ovER thE plaCE. It also doesn't seem right as the keys and stuff don't sound sidechained and the bass does. Would be absolutely fine with more compression on your master track, but like I said it just seems way exaggerated. Compress / shorten the kick more and I think it'll lose some poundage and gain some punch (depending if you're going for this). My favorite part is the nasty massiv stuff. Good job on that as the desired effect comes across there i'd say. Fill it out and finish it! I know I just gave you mixing / mastering on such an early track but that's what caught my attention. Modern talking says yaaaaaaooooo
  7. What's up? It seems every few years I wander back to OCR to use the board to shamelessly plug my newest project! Really, It's nice to get feedback from a totally unbiased group of musicians, and I just want anyone who likes music to hear mine. Recently relocated to Los Angeles and fell in love with dance music again after being involved in very different stuff for years. A few hundred loud, isolated, fucked up hours later I have this collection of songs sitting in front of me. soundcloud.com/warezd DL link is in the about section if you like. I look forward to melting your face.
  8. Are you thinking of like Traktor / Serato / Deckadance type stuff? Or something like iTunes for DJ's haha. Dont know any names of that type of software.
  9. Maybe I'm way too far into the digital hole, but CD's are looking pretty useless nowadays IMHO. Reliable physical copies seem like a great idea, but with the 700mb (thats lol these days) amount you can fit, and the what's become 'absurd' size of them due to portable digital music devices, they're on their way out already whether it looks so or not. Your nowadays consumer doesn't seem to care about the nostalgia factor, or the booklet art, or any other charms of physical copies at least from what I see and hear from them. The music is what it's about and digitization of music distribution makes sense. The only problem I've got is the quality factor, like mentioned earlier, but honestly from a consumer point of view if it's above or around at least 192kbps I can blast it in my car comfortably. It's disturbing how few and far in between true audiophiles are, as the awful mp3s / horrible listening devices most people have just boggle my mind sometimes. So in conclusion I guess I can't label them absolutely useless yet.
  10. So yeah new song is up..................
  11. Wow. It's been forever since i've posted here. O.o Anyway what up OCR? Since my old days of writing orchestral tracks for projects, I've done all kinds of interesting musical things, and thought it'd be cool to promote my latest one here. I'm the vocalist for a pop-metal / post-hardcore-ish band I started called Beyond the Rule. Thought some of you here would find our music cool, and I just want everyone out there to hear us (especially since we haven't started local shows quite just yet). Like every other band here's our myspace link : www.myspace.com/beyondtherule If you dig the music and have a myspace, add us! And we should have a new song up in a week or so. Thanks for checkin it out. Later
  12. Sounds heavily reverbed...maybe that could be the answer if you mess with some sleighbell samples? I'm not too sure since iv'e never heard anything quite like that.
  13. Jesus that should be free.... You should try diving into www.sf2midi.com. Tons of stuff on there, some of which probably shouldn't be...but you can build a fine collection of sounds from some of the stuff on that site.
  14. This is only on my PC . And no I obviously left something because this is happening. I need to figure out what.
  15. And what I mean by that is that it brings up fake results. I recently had a lot of adware/crap on my PC and got rid of all of it, including my virus programs because all of it is 100% bullshit. The problems have all gone away and my PC runs just fine, but theres one thing that I can't seem to fix or find help on, and that is Google being all screwed up. Whenever I search, I get a bunch of ad sites and fake pages. Google UK works perfectly though, so i'm stuck using that, but it's annoying how all the sites it brings up are UK related, since I don't live in the UK (i'm talking mostly shopping online here). I also can no longer sign into Gmail.... Does anyone have any idea what the hell has happened? Any help is very much appriciated.
  16. Well i'll probably just get two 6x8 1 or 2 inch thick foam squares. I'm now too broke to even afford anything like mopads.
  17. I just got em today (GC gave me a sweet deal, came out to be 130 per speaker, and the extended warranty). Compared to my previous setup, these are ridiculous. The change in clarity and the sound is like WOW.... It's funny too, because I recently replaced a totally shit creative soundcard with a 2496, and on all the samples that I recorded on that card, you hear the hiss pop out, ESPECIALLY on these speakers. I guess thats what i get for using consumer crap. Hooray for real gear!
  18. Holy crap. If you stare at that pic it looks 3D. ......... Seriously. Try it.
  19. Anyone have any experience with the KRK Rokit 5's? I'm probably going to get a pair of them this weekend (i'm hoping GC has them set up so I can hear them). I'm too poor to get the 8's right now. But on topic im using a pair of Denon USC-C35's (not monitors lol). They sound pretty darn good for just speakers, but i'm really replacing them cause my amplifier is dying, and i figure it'd be a good time to get some monitors...
  20. Googling BAD_POOL_CALLER brings up some perhaps useful info: http://www.techimo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=83339 http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=423270 http://www.osronline.com/ddkx/ddtools/bccodes_8k9z.htm I have no idea of how to fix your issue though. I'd say look at the easiest fix methods for people who have has this problem, try them, and if they all fail justs reinstall windows over itself. The second link has another link on how to do that I belive. The situation you described, cutting power while it was turning off...possibly some kind of hard drive failure? I hardly ever use the windows shutdown but I always make sure the PC isn't doing anything. God I hate BSODs.
  21. This keeps getting more and more interesting...The loop was due to the fact that I had "What U hear" turned all the way up. Last problem- MIDI
  22. Wow, i'm actually liking the metal one. It doesn't make any sense with the source tune, but it doesn't matter that much anyway. I can just hear it with a more rythmic backing pattern and drums, and some other stuff...man it'd be cool. The mellow version is also really nice, and I love what you did with the melody. I'd almost experiment with the acoustic melody you wrote, and try it in the metal version. Heck you'd never get nailed for "not original enough" if you did that.
  23. Well i've pretty much figured out my plan. Still no luck on usinng changeit, or gettting ANY midi to the JV, BUT- I need to ditch this consumer craphouse of a soundcard right NOW. I discovered today that you can just run the line out on the JV(or headphone jack for louder output hehe ) to the line in on the assigy and the signal is PLENTY loud. I still have no MIDI control and proper drivers for this card don't exist- whenever I try to set an input in the FL mixer the audio gets stuck in a loop and eventually becomes a deafening mess. I currently can't find a way around that problem. That should be resolved with a new audio interface though...unless it's FL doing that.
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