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New website "wearejustgamers" searching bloggers & interested people

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Heya, Reinhold here from Game-Art-HQ the video game fan art community that was inspired by ocr.




I started a new webproject last week. A gaming news, reviews and opinions blog without any ads, without any ideas to make money with it. Its getting funded through the ads on ga-hq actually.


There are a ton of video game websites already that are often just re-blogging the same news about the currently "biggest" games. I saw that something like Destiny or Titanfall last year got hundreds of articles on one of the big gaming sites alone. There are not so many gaming sites today without the infamous "clickbait" articles and reviews and articles like how something in a game offends the writers (SJWarriors) or is not OK according to them. I try to build up a new completely independent site there and got already a handful of pretty cool gamers together that started writing reviews and opinion pieces, ranging to discussing boss battles to problems in the game industry or remembering a couple of funny finishing moves in fighting games.

There are also a couple of blogs each week about great cosplayers, (game) artists, video game music albums and I myself am going to feature some of the ocr remixes as well through the youtube videos. Of course always with a backlink to ocr as well.


It would be awesome to have 1-2 gamers on board that can bring their opinions to the table from the sight of a game musican, the site has a few commenters already but more can't hurt of course.


I can't pay anything, I don't earn anything, the site is there to be a fun and informative place for gamers without the bullshit  you can see often.



If the topic here is not okay, please delete it. Greets, Reinhold

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