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    Gamer since 20 years, fan of videogamemusic since about the same time i listened to Actraiser on the snes

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  1. Looking forward to this beast as well. The BadAss series is one of the coolest projects ever in OCR's great history in my opinion.
  2. If you are thinking about VV IV somewhen, I would love to join the project with fan art contributions by the Game-Art-HQ Community similar as it was done for the Final Fantasy IX Album. We did a Castlevania Tribute back in 2013 already and I know a good couple artists that would probably like to draw Castlevania Fan Art for these Albums.
  3. Thanks a lot @ everyone who was /is involved in this project.
  4. Hiya, the direct download link for the Vampire Variations I album is not working anymore here http://ocremix.org/album/172/vampire-variations-a-musical-tribute-to-castlevaniaand on the VV page you can only find the 2nd album it seems. The old site does not exist even anymore http://www.vampirevariations.com/
  5. My name is Reinhold Hoffmann and this is one of the best days of 2015. Thanks @DJP and everyone else who made our first big collaboration possible, I believe that it is awesome to see a massive tribute to one of the best video games ever made that is both a fest for the ears and for the eyes. @OCR Album Project Founders, don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for artists to create cover art and additional artworks like for this album, we are very open to those projects and glad to be a help. RH Game-Art-HQ
  6. Well, I did not ask for that, actually. Next time I should do that. (Daaamn these drops are heavy wubwubwub)
  7. It is 10 AM here in the Evil German Empire of Art and I am listening to Dubstep now until the Album arrives...!
  8. This is a good week, according to the broadcasting we will enjoy extremely sunny weather on wednesday
  9. The Game-Art-HQ Community is proud to confirm that visual art will be contributed to OCR Albums in the future after all tracks are completed to delay any albums for a couple of weeks or better months more. This was a hard decision for us all, but we are sure that it will benefit the fan communities in the end. We are also working hard to delay the FFIX World Apart Album to 2017 now and are working already on more illustrations which will be published for another trailer that is sheduled for July 2016. Final Fantasy IX had the longest loading times of all Final Fantasy games on the original S
  10. Since they are fan art, better contact the artists directly for any questions like that.
  11. Its exactly 0:00 AM here in Germany now Happy Birthday Final Fantasy IX!!
  12. Should I wait with the Art Gallery of the Final Fantasy IX Worlds Apart Illustrations by and on Game-Art-HQ.com till the Album is out or do you have no problem with them being featured on the 7th?
  13. Heya, Reinhold here from Game-Art-HQ the video game fan art community that was inspired by ocr. http://www.wearejustgamers.com/ I started a new webproject last week. A gaming news, reviews and opinions blog without any ads, without any ideas to make money with it. Its getting funded through the ads on ga-hq actually. There are a ton of video game websites already that are often just re-blogging the same news about the currently "biggest" games. I saw that something like Destiny or Titanfall last year got hundreds of articles on one of the big gaming sites alone. There are not so many gam
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