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"Without The Forge..." Golden Sun Arrangement

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Not going to submit this one, just something I've been working on. This is an arrangement for 2 guitars, a flute, and a cello. If you can, let me know how the mixing is, I think it's decent, but I'm always looking for mixing/mastering tips.








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I can't really hear the cello that well behind all that reverb, actually. I don't know how it sounded before you update, but right now, I think you've got a bit too much reverb on everything. It's an interesting effect, but I think the playing is a bit too rhythmic for that kind of sound. Everything sort of blends together, and it makes it hard to tell where one note ends and the next one starts. The low end of that wet reverb sound also just kind of washes over the entire cello line. I had to listen twice just to make sure I heard the cello at all. So maybe just dial that back a bit on everything. You can leave the reverb time a little high if you want that spacious sound, but just bring down the wet/dry balance a bit so you can hear the natural envelope of each note a bit better. 

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