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  1. Both of those look great! I really like the simplicity of the bottom one; I'll send you an email later to talk about it ok?
  2. That's looking fantastic! Sorry for not getting with you, I must have missed your email. Unfortunately, we lost one of our songs (and the assistant director) due to personal reasons, so I have been looking for a solution to the lack of coverage from FE4. Along with that I have been trying to get a trailer together, as well as finish my track. I know everyone's busy, but if anyone has any suggestions for getting a track on short notice I am open to it.
  3. I had originally intended it to be May 1st, but due to my incredible lack of foresight, I neglected to remember that it's the busiest time of year for basically everyone. I will tentatively say July 1st as the final deadline.
  4. I didn't want to triple post, but if you have a WIP, please send it my way. I know most of you are nearly done, I would like to hear some progress, though!
  5. HEY GUYS double post I know but who cares lol ! I've got a big update on the status of the project. As you may know, we have been seeking OCR approval for... quite a while actually. I sent the proposal in LATE MAY and have heard NOTHING from any OCR staffer since. I had sincerely planned to have the logistics of the release figured out by now, but between that mess and communicating with our ONLY artist (who is doing a fantastic job btw), I cannot say for sure if the OCR approval will come soon. I'm going to quote the OP here: So here's the deal. The cover isn't finished (although it almost is), the songs aren't finished (for the most part), and we lack OCR approval. That means I am pushing back the final deadlines for the songs to an undetermined time. There will, however, be a new deadline for an up-to-date WIP on March 1st. If you want to send me what you have now, that would be great, but don't stress over having to finish your ditty in the next month. That said I'm going to post a teaser for the cover art; I hope to have the finished version soon! I know it's a bit dark, but like I said, we're working on it. Good luck to you all, hope to hear from you soon! EDIT: idk how to do spoiler tags in the new format, sorry.
  6. I'm a big fan of the source tune, but I agree it is a bit lacking in length. Hugo took that minute of glory and turned it into 5. I'm not really a metal fan either, but damn is this song is just so catchy! None of the improv is overdone, the bridge is fantastic, and the guitar and drum performances come together to make an EXTREMELY solid mix. Amazing job.
  7. I don't know what to say, honestly; I'll try, however. I've heard quite a bit of "Orchestral Dubstep" recently, and I think that this piece is the source of my fascination with the """""genre.""""" Don't get me wrong I know that this isn't REALLY ds but I absolutely LOVE the way that you were able to fuse such a heavy synth and (some very nice) orchestral parts into this amazing mix. To be honest I can't describe it better than you did; a "fusion of magic & technology." Wonderful job.
  8. That intro is fantastic. The synth really sells the tone, and the absolutely wonderful guitar performance is the glue that holds it together. I think the only complaint I have is that it tends to drag a bit in the middle, but overall a great mix!
  9. I never thought Windmill Hut could ever make me feel so relaxed and melancholic (ooh big word). To be honest this feels like it came out of Twilight Princess; you did a great job of capturing the style of Light Spirit's Message and transferring it to WMH and Requiem. Fantastic work!
  10. Really feels like you captured the 80's-style electro with a modern twist. It seems the mix can get a bit confused at times, especially around 1:30, but that could just be my ears playing tricks on me. Overall very energetic and enjoyable; great job!
  11. Yeah I'll fix it asap. EDIT: new link (for just a zip): https://www.dropbox.com/s/olx8kkvrfxk6jdl/GS%20MIDIs.rar?dl=0
  12. What do Marth and Roy bring to the table in Melee? Only ONE song?!? Us silly Americans can't handle the glory of an amazing soundtrack. Fantastic job! Not only did the piece start out entertaining, but I was nearly up and dancing when 1:23 hit. You did a great job of utilizing the orchestral rock style (that the song was already composed in) in a way that made it much more entertaining. Looking forward to Apex 2016, hopefully you'll have more great stuff for me to rock out to then!
  13. Yes! I love the Oracle games, and I absolutely ADORE the Lime albums, and Hylian Lemon in particular! There's a certain blend of chiptune and [insert genre here] that always seems to be executed extremely well, and this mix is no different. The "real" instruments are mixed in very well with the blips and the bloops, and I felt that the meter mix-ups around the 2 minute mark kept things interesting until the end. Fantastic work!
  14. I'm a big fan of the eevee ep; such a great album in such a short time! As a genre fusion track, it's very entertaining to see all of the different styles you used, but DnB and dubstep appear to be the most prevalent ones. I'm not much of a dubstep guy, but even I can appreciate the wubs in your mix! I love the way you handled the lead synths around 1:20, too. Great job!
  15. Oops, I did it again. I'm really good at necroing this thread I suppose. I wouldn't be doing it without a good reason, I promise! So I realized that I said I had all of the MIDIs tagged and all... but I never uploaded them here. As they say in the old country: "Uh, durr." Here are all of the songs from the games, including the one-off sound effects and fanfares. I have NOT tagged the sound effects and fanfares, but if anyone has a mighty need for one of them I suppose I could find it for you. The way they're tagged is disk 1 and 2 are from the first game, and 3 and 4 are from the second (with a few minor exceptions). If you have the program Foobar2000, you can use the soundfont that I included in the dump to play the songs in HQ with the instruments from the games! It still has the bad synths, but I'm sure you can manage (I can't fix that either, so I'm sorry). Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nqwyxglqo3lq75q/AAC3-mqe1l8ndKflW4Yj7RIca?dl=0 I hope we can finish this album, too...
  16. Yes, Shovel Knight! You really put a fantastic amount of emotion into what is easily the most emotional piece in the OST. I wanted to hear more of the main theme, but I feel that the little you used of it was still compelling. Can't say this enough. Virt is the wor...t.
  17. Takes a bit to get going, but when it get's there, it's fantastic! The only complaints I have is that the flute seems to be off a bit throughout the piece, and the guitars could use some better mixing. Still high-powered and fun overall!
  18. Yes! After burning through Super Mystery Dungeon, I was looking for some sweet, sweet Chunsoft-inspired remixes to hold me over. Big fan of the tracks you used as source material; not only did you utilize the Sky Tower theme and the title theme very well, but you sure did Run Away with the other source songs too . Fantastic job overall. Very emotional song for a surprisingly emotional game.
  19. Glad this album came to light so quickly! Great mix, btw; the tension in the beginning lead into the overall high-energy piece very well. While the guitar performance is really good, I think the orchestral pieces match it very well, and the entire piece comes together nicely. Great job!
  20. Balance and Ruin physical CD... Could it be? Challenge accepted
  21. Fantastic! It blows the venus track out of the water IMHO, but maybe that's because I like the sources used in this one a lot more. Jenna's battle theme is fantastic, and you really captured and implemented it into the stressed feel of Mars LH very well! The synth performance is pretty good, if not inhuman at some times, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Overall great job on a song from an underappreciated series!
  22. Ah, I can really appreciate a song that can make me tear up. You can really feel every ounce of emotion that was put into this song; the buildup to the payoff towards the end with the vocals and the electric guitar especially sell the whole "ballad" feel. Great mix!
  23. This track, much like Geralt himself, is bangin'! My only question is "why didn't I hear this sooner?" But thanks to TW3, hopefully it will get a bit more exposure. I especially enjoy the mixing done on the instruments; not once did they drown out the vocals (which are very good themselves). Great stuff overall!
  24. Who knew Kirby could be so catchy! Been tapping my foot throughout the entire mix, so good job on that front. I really do dig the upbeat, electronic style. Even though you used stage tunes, for some reason it makes me think of ending credits; I don't really mind as the end result is still fantastic!
  25. Magician's Tower: The Wizard's Waltz For a game that never came to America, you sure took a lot of Freedom with the track, and I love it! It really captures the raucous-ness of a bar in a fantasy setting. And for the record, I think the drunken yelling is pretty cute, if not nonsensical towards the end. Great job overall!
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