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Soundemote - Looking to hire audio editor / freelancer


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Positions have been filled!

Soundemote's online presence is pretty nonexistent but that hasn't stopped business from growing as it has so far been mostly word of mouth with very minimal forum advertising to get it off the ground. Soundemote is currently developing a state-of-the-art algorithm for phaselocking samples. Products making use of this technology will soon begin popping up on the market. Additionally, Soundemote is constantly developing new in-house tools and techniques for making difficult tasks easy with high quality results. Soundemote may sell said tools as software in the distant future.
Soundemot is to be a sample library company's best friend. Soundemote edits, denoises, and crafts samples to perfection for use in a final sample library product. Soundemote has worked closely with Orange Tree Samples, Embertone, Crypto Cipher, Versilian Studios, Strezov Sampling, and Impact Sound Works. Soundemote has done limited work for Straight Ahead Samples, Cinesamples, Aria Sounds, Soniccouture, and Wavesfactory. 
Starting will be $15 an hour and soon $20 after I feel your quality of work is up to par with what clients expect, with possibility of raises. There will be no promise of work and I may stop sending you work at any time. This non-guarantee may change in the future as the company grows.
-Send resume and a cover letter to soundemote@gmail.com
-VERY IMPORTANT: Include a description of your availability
-Cover letter may be a few sentences in the e-mail just explaining why you'd be good for the job. Resume doesn't have to be anything fancy, don't sweat it, I'm not sweating this forum post, you don't have to either. I'm just looking for someone who has good ears and eyes, with some free time they want to dedicate to making a few bucks. 
-Include links to any previous work of any kind (music, sound design, audio editing, etc.) if you have it.
Desired skills:
-REAPER for audio editing
-A good ear
-A good eye
-Familiarity with denoising
-Basic understanding of acoustic and digital sound
-Basic understanding and experience using sample libraries
Handy skills:
-scripting / programming
-music composition or sound design
*I may be hiring multiple positions based on the availability of said hires.
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