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  1. Zelda OOT - Lost Woods (Dreamland Remix).mp3 I'm getting serious about polishing this piece of music and wondering what is it missing, if anything. Do I still need to fill it in more? I want to add acoustic percussion to do some of the drum n bass bits. I still need to do more mixing and make better use of reverb and improve the percussion a ltitle bit. Not sure what other polish I could add. My goal is to keep the minimalistic vibe and chiptune vibe, make it overall easy on the ears. ...not sure about the title.
  2. Sorry guys I didn't end up using any suggestions,uhhhh... didn't feel like I could find the right video clip, exactly... uhh well... here's the final! *runsaway*
  3. Thanks Gario. I'm actually saving Mega Man for something else. Thanks yangfeili. Came up with a list after going through youtube. maybes: Dragon Warrior (most likely) zoda's revenge the adventures of bayou billy GumShoe bump n jump king's quest king's knight kickle cubicle too obscure: princess tomato in the salad kingdom pop culture references (disqualified): dr jekyll and mr hyde felix the cat mickey mousecapade adventures of tom sawyer frankenstein the monster returns jackie
  4. Yangfeili, could you find that scene for me? I found the princess at the end, but I didn't see the "carrying to castle" which could be nice for the montage.
  5. I am working on an NES video montage and I need video clips of saving the princess/girl, returning home, etc. So far I have Adventure Island (girl) Zelda (princess) Mario 1 (princess) [one mario game is enough!] Double Dragon (girl) Kid Icarus (girl) Kung Fu (girl) No "returning home" so far, but I still need more girl/princess clips. Here's a quick example of what I have so far, I'd like to replace some of these clips with your suggestions, although I'm definitely keeping the Duck Hunt dog, gotta have that!
  6. SSBM4... makes me want a Wii U... HEY! I loved the SSMB Brawl story mode!
  7. ...I miss Edit: Woops Killing Floor Starcraft 2 Tried to play Battlefield 4 on my older computer... failed... miserably... I own a legit copy, just not a legit videocard.
  8. At least you knew to use alchohol. I had no such knowledge back then! Actually, if I remember correctly, the NES would heat up and give off a plastic smell. That's probably what triggers memories for me, but I think there was also a certain smell of the room I played in that also triggers those memories. very relevant.
  9. Hey people, Just wanted to ask, is it just me or is there a certain scent that triggers Nintendo childhood memories? Does the NES give off a certain scent? It goes like this for me: I smell that certain scent which cannot be named nor described nor does it smell like anything in particular, and then I think "Woah... I was playing Mario Bros years ago at someone's house with someone I used to know." Am I unique or are there others like me?
  10. Hello, Elan Hickler here, I'm looking for dedicated drummers for my upcoming series of drum sample libraries for Kontakt. One product is already in production. The library is geared towards electronic music; overly clean production techniques are not welcome here. The goal is to create a variety of sampled drumkits that are lightweight, easy to use, low-cost, and feel different from each other. I will be bringing interesting features into these products that have never been seen before. The focus will be on immediate sonic gratification rather than tweak-ability. Multiple drummers will be ac
  11. This was just for fun. If I ever ****ing graduate from college (well I graduate this december) I might actually have time to do more with this. For now I thought some of you might enjoy it. I'd love to expand this to having live bass/elec guitar (or good samples) playing along with the NES sound and expand on the synth aspects. I did record direct from NotSoFatSo (Winamp/ChipAmp) but if ever I work on this, I'm going to recreate the NES sound so I can change it up. http://soundcloud.com/elanhickler/double-dragon-remix-idea
  12. Preferably nylon string guitar, but the sound of a dulcimer would work if you are a good dulcimer player and just happen to be reading this post... lol... since the thread title is "nylon guitarist."
  13. This is my own work, I am *not* a skilled dulcimerist: http://soundcloud.com/elanhickler/native-american-flute-and Gives you an idea of what I'd need. This plus the whole tremolo thing, and maybe arpeggios in this scale.
  14. Looking for nylon guitarist for a large-team game project of Columbia College. You will be credited and the game will be on display at this year's GDC. Skill level required is not much. We will need a good amount of tremolo, so you need that skill. You must be able to improvise, but there will be no tempo which makes that easier; I'll just need short musical phrases in a Native American scale. If possible please send audio demo of your guitar ability to argitoth@gmail.com or provide a link. Honestly, I really need help with this. Your help would be much appreciated. Edit: This is not a pai
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