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I wanted to share with you my pieces of work for a Minecraft based series called Oly and The Forest (it will be uploaded this year on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamesMoviesSTUDIOS).
Except for my ongoing game, these are my first original scores. I was asking to make the opening and ending with an anxious feeling. Also, I wanted the 2 tracks to share a same them. I hope you like it and could give me some advices if needed!

Opening --> https://soundcloud.com/messire_cookie/1-opening-oly-and-the-forest


Ending --> https://soundcloud.com/messire_cookie/2-ending-oly-and-the-forest


PS: All was made using Ableton Live. And sorry if my english has burned your eyes!

PS2: Does someone know if it is possible to insert Soundcloud links directly in the post?

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Nice pair of tracks.  The Opening piece builds a nice emotional swell and the Ending conjures a feeling of continuation and unknowing.  

Let's start with the staccato violin though.  For me, on both tracks the instrument is too mechanical and could use some humanization to both rhythm and attack.  It is a rhythm instrument in your arrangement (at least seems so) but is pulled out of the mix as a lead part.  I would decide how you want to use it and re-arrange it more accordingly.  


The other aspect that jumps out at me, and take this with a grain of salt due to the system I am on right now (not my usual setup), but the stereo image feels like it could widen up somewhat.  That could just be the staccato violin narrowing my attention though.

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Woo, thank you very much MrKyle! Your remarks are very relevant. This was my first time using this staccato violin, and I agree it's a little too mechanical.

For the stereo image, it is possible that I've not put a lot of instruments at extremities yeah.. It's a bad habit of mine to be too "central".


I will take your advices for these songs and future ones. Thanks again :)

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