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  1. Hi! I'd like to change my username from David "Cookie" to David Kiraeth please! Thanks
  2. It was to be expected with the latest news but really.. your private lifes are number 1 priority. Thanks for letting us know anyway, and I hope everything will get back together as quickly as possible for you!
  3. Hey! Just a quick post to wish you all a happy new year I hope the project is in good shape, and everyone of you as well!
  4. Hey, it's been a while! I'm glad that the project is still going on smoothly I've got one question: what will happen to the unclaimed tracks passed Sept 1st? Will they not be part of the album? I've got plenty of time so I could relieve you from one track. I know I'm not the best around here, but I could give it a try! I've already done an underdog with Yomi, so Southern Rhythm would be perfect to continue on this path
  5. Congrats Kat! Really good entries overall and pretty happy with mine (even if it's not at your levels yet). Until next time
  6. Maaan.. it's so tough to choose! They are all awesome
  7. Really cool entry Trism, unexpected and original. It feels a little like a clockwork for me! Very good work and great production Just submitted mine too. I didn't think I would participate at first, but the envy growed suddenly and I had some inspiration tonight ^^ I tried with the source again, but I'm really not used to work with midi files :/ So I made it with my ears as usual. Idk.. it's more comfortable for me, I've got more freedom. Hope you'll like it!
  8. Woaw Brandon! You just killed it
  9. Yeah.. I totally win a 1 entry contest xD I'm happy to see there's enthusiasm for this one though, NieR soundtrack really deserves much more attention! I'm excited to listen to all your remix
  10. So yeah.. I didn't take too much risks. The original song and this midi are so perfect that I didn't have the heart to make a proper remix ^^ So I took the midi, made a few changes, and added the voice part with some flute and a bass. The result here. I post it on thasauce too but it could maybe just be a bonus as I made too few changes. Your call on this! I hope there will be some great remix too, this track really deserves it
  11. The game on itself is really strange but is worth it (if you can find it). There's also a sequel, Nier Automata, that will be available maybe this year. Glad to make you discover this OST, which is my absolute favorite! Can't wait to see what people will do with it
  12. Yeah, I saw that too.. there were no new entries 3h before the deadline, so I thought it was compromised :/ So it really is the case huh.. Well.. I wasn't really proud of this remix in particular, just wanted to try some new vst. Other people clearly could have done better.. but I guess it's a good opportunity to choose a theme! PM incoming
  13. Woo, that was a tough one! I didn't know anything about this track but I like it more and more So I just made a remix very respectful of the original material, with violins and drums. I already upload it on thasauce but you can listen to it here. Anyway.. good choice of theme Kat Hope you like it!
  14. Wooo, someone actually replies to me \o/ Thanks for taking some time I can definitely see the flaws you're talking about at the beginning, as I record classical guitar through a simple mic. Sadly I can't really fix my equipment issue, that's why I mainly do MAO music. It's hard for me to figure out the problem once the guitar disappear though :/ I think you've got a better ear and experience than me. But that's what I'm looking for! Thanks again.
  15. Aha, wasn't expecting to get any votes with this one I will definitely try to participate to future MnP, and put some real effort into it this time! Congrats everyone!
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