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Xenon (Atari ST) Level 1 - "Hajonta"

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This was a tune for Meat n Potatoes compo round 37.

Source: https://youtu.be/lCNMufnJCuk

Rearrangement: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zb25g7c2xb715vd/eino_keskitalo-hajonta-20150710-fc1.mp3?dl=0

Approach: Drum break samples, liveish guitar+bass, a sample of the original piece, 1 synth preset & arbitrary time signature trickery.

I like the garage-y feel of the result. Looking to sub this to OCR, so comments to help with that appreciated. I'd like this to be a low-effort endeavor, so I'd rather not redo much if it can pass as it is. ;)

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The new intro's cool, I like that. I'm not very knowledgeable about production, so I can't really comment on that side of things. But I think you've done a great job with the drums; they pop out at you. The new breaks are a fantastic addition. You've done a quality arrangement - it has a lot of substance. Nice build-up, saving the more complicated drum fills for the second half of the remix. Maybe you milk the climax a bit more by thinning out the instrumentation at the start? Or perhaps instead making even more of that exciting opening by throwing some of those busy drum breaks you've used later on, just to kick the whole thing off with a bang.

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Thanks Alex.. I'll have to admit, the drums are "just" a couple of drum break loops that come with Renoise, with not even that much splicing going on (though some, and some layering and variation later on, as you notice). I got an idea from your feedback, that it'd be nice to have the drums early on play with closed hihat rather than full blown cymbal crashing, but alas, it's not possible since these are prefab loops.

Marked for mod review!

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