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Pikmin Trilogy Remix Album

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I've been a Pikmin fan snce the games first came out, and a video game music fan for even longer. I deeply respect the remixers of this site and I really love all of the previous albums that have come out, so why not have one of Pikmin? For the past 15 years, the Pikmin series has garnered an astounding number of music tracks to listen to and enjoy, and I think that this will be an album worthy of the talents of this forum. Hopefully this project will go well!


My plan is to have this be in three discs (with possibly a bonus disc) and here it is:


Pikmin 1

Day Selection Screen
Impact Site
Today’s Report
Forest of Hope
Forest Navel
Beady Long Legs
Distant Spring
Challenge Mode
Final Trial
Final Boss
Enemy Roll
Staff Credits
(Extra Themes?)

Pikmin 2

Valley of Repose
Emergence Cave
Subterranean Complex
Frontier Cavern
Awakening Wood
Hole of Beasts
White Flower Garden
Boss Battle
Perplexing Pool
Citadel of Spiders
Glutton’s Kitchen
Shower Room
Submerged Castle
Staff Credits
2-Player Battle Mode
Wistful Wild
Final Boss
High Scores
(Extra Themes?)

Pikmin 3

Alph’s Landing Site
Brittany’s Theme
S.S. Drake
Garden of Hope
Boss Battle
Distant Tundra
Vehemoth Phosbat
Charlie’s Theme
Tropical Wilds
Midboss Battle
Twilight River
Louie’ Theme
Mission Mode DLC 1
Mission Mode Holiday DLC
Mission Mode DLC 2
Bingo Battle (Nature)
Bingo Battle (Metallic)
Bingo Battle (Toybox)
Formidable Oak
Final Boss
Staff Credits
(Extra Themes?)


I hope that this will somehow come to fruition and that I can enjoy the Pikmin series in a remixed audio form soon. Thanks, all!

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Hey man.


This is a huuuuuge project you're looking at. 3 discs is a lot, even for big name series like Final Fantasy or Sonic the Hedgehog. While the Pikmin series is bomb af, it doesn't really hold the star power to get 3 discs of quality remixed music. I think maybe cutting it down to either just one game, or one disc with a bit of everything on it might make things more manageable.


Speaking of manageable, let's talk about your project organization. If you're serious about getting a quality product in a reasonable amount of time, I'd advise revamping your OP a bit. Check out this guide on remix projects to get a good idea on what OCR is looking at for Remix Albums, and try checking out different project history threads to see what worked and what didn't. While I have absolutely zero experience directing a project, I've seen enough project threads to know that some crash and burn and some (definitely a smaller amount) grow into a quality OCR album. Here are some quick tips:

  1. If you're serious about this, grab a co-director with some experience or star power on OCR. Not saying that new folk don't have the ability to run a good project, but you need remixers first and foremost, and remixers aren't going to flock to a project headed by a guy with only one post on the forums.
  2. Speaking of remixers, go ask for some. This thread is great for starters, but sending a message to some remixers you respect/want on your project is more direct, and probably would yield better results. I'm not a good musician by any means, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm always more likely to respond positively with a message from a director than by a R&C thread. That being said, expect remixers to say no, and be okay with that. It seems like everyone is hella busy nowadays (or maybe just me lol), and oftentimes good remixers are working on multiple projects.
  3. Organize your OP. As I said earlier, check out that project guide. Throw some links to your sources so it's easy for people to listen to different source tunes. Set up a general timeline so people know what your expectations are in terms of chugging this thing out. The more clear you are as a director, the easier it will be for everyone.

I don't mean to scare you off from this project, but I just want you understand that running a project is a bit more than it looks. Ask some other project directors for tips if you're really interested. I'm by no means AT ALL an expert on projects (not even a posted remixer lmfao), so their insight is probably more valuable than mine.


Anyway, didn't mean to derail the thread too much. Good luck dude!

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