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Alex Kidd - Swimming (orchestra)


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Here is an orchestra arrangement from two themes of Alex Kidd, Swimming and a bit of Main Theme: https://soundcloud.com/bluelighter0085/a-kingdom-under-the-seamp3

Sometime peaceful, or using march band rhythm, or heroic… It was funny to explore these different atmospheres!

The main theme appearing at 2'32 is adapted in a minor harmony and a lot slower tempo can be more difficult to identify. But the melody is well present. It was a good way to get something heroic, like a big boss theme.

I think this mix is finished. But any comment to improve this is welcome :)

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This is bringing back memories!

I think maybe the instruments in the lower-mid frequencies (particularly those drums, (Timpani? (I'm not very educated in classical music))), could do with bringing down a bit as they seem to be overpowering the rest of the mix, making things sound a bit cluttered at times.

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