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    I have a real passion for music generally! My influence are numerous with predilection for symphonic metal (Nightwish, Epica, Dimmu Borgir…), or film’s soundtrack (John Williams, Hanz Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi…). I play piano for several years, I started to compose on it. I continued by composing music for an album in symphonic metal. I love also make arrangement or remake of some vgm! I try to be eclectic in my different composition or arrangement.
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  1. I see the boss theme Legendary Beast doesn’t appear on the list. I really hope there will be an arrangement of this boss theme, certainly my favorite in FF series
  2. This arrangement is awesome! Musically really interesting with so many dissonances and its so particular atmosphere. And it's virtuously played! Only 2'30, but' it's really intense! I'd love to see a sheet music of that
  3. Awesome! My favorite arrangement from Mario Kart. The variable time signature is really well done, notably at the 2nde third. It's all the more impressive so as that it's played by live instruments. I can imagine the difficulty for the instrument players to keep the control facing a so complex rhythm. I've listenned it in loop, trying to resolve this time signature^^ Impressive stuf!
  4. New version is here : Following judge feedbacks, I've played this with more musicality. Enjoy!
  5. This idea increase a lot the visibility on a remix page ! Will it be possible, in the end, to make a research by tag (as is it yet possible by game, artist...)? Maybe it would be also interesting to give possibility on a remix page to click on a tag to get to a list of similary remix. I don't know how it would be complex technically to develop this ; but it could be interesting
  6. piano arrangement from ff10 : "Daughter of the Summoner" and "Someday the Dream Will End" Enjoy !
  7. bluelighter

    3. completed Mining Town In Piano

    New recording made with a better piano. I think it sounds better now
  8. Hey, This is a piano arrangement from ff10 ; Twillight and The Deceased Laugh. I've written this years ago, but was blocked on the recording. Now, I've a better synthe and I've recorded this in numeric. I feel the result largely better, but I'd like another listenning to judge if now the recording quality acceptable.
  9. Here is an acoustic/classical arrangement from dragon quest 7 "days of sadness" and "with sadness in heart" (composed by Koichi SUGIYAMA) For this arrangement, I wanted sthg minimalist in the building and in the instrumentation. I thank @Katamari (guitar), @Chris ~ Amaterasu (violin, viola & cello) and @Arvangath(bass) who have collaborated with me. Enjoy!
  10. bluelighter

    OCR03473 - Remember Me & Deus Ex "Errorize"

    I'm a big fan of the OST and it's great to hear a remix of it on OCR The production level of the OST was yet awesome, with its good balance between orchestra and electro sounds. Timaeus got with this an interesting arrangement, with powerful electro sounds! Difficult to recognize at a first listening, but now I well hear “Nilin the Memory Hunter”. Where is “fragments” theme? I don’t see this on the breakdown. I hope hear more from “Remember Me” on OCR
  11. Unreal! Brandon is one of the artist who has invested the most himself in OCR, with all his remixes or albums those he had directed. But I can understand the decision, although the situation looks so strange...
  12. I loved the original melody! The arrangement is simple but efficient. I really like its particular rhythm, the harmony adaptation with bass line. And the piano in this odd time signature is really virtuoso
  13. bluelighter

    OCRA-0059 - Esther's Dreams

    I love the concept A lot of interesting and charming tracks in this album! Style unusual in OCR, but refreshing
  14. I'm surprised to see that "Legendary Beat" doesn't appear on the first page. Any hope to have a mix of this in the album? It's a major boss theme in the ff serie IMO. And it would be regrettable if this track wasn't in the tracklist.