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Composing VGM tracks for game developers.


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So for the past year, I've been "trying to find a new voice" as a musician. It just seems like for the past half decade, my whole artistic career was hitting rock bottom. I just wasn't satisfied with things I was creating. Then I had a revelation. I was only composing music and creating other art for my own benefit and it wasn't for anyone else to really take seriously or enjoy.


So basically in a nutshell, I'm composing for other people and it has been a profitable business.

Here's my latest original FF style track which can be used free of charge for any game.



Or you can find other stuff I'm working on at http://soundcloud.com/aarparmd


And to all the haters: you have no idea how high I can fly.

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What has your experience with Scirra been like? What's your clientelle? Do you market to certain game genres?


By 'profitable' do you mean that one could make a significant chunk of income from taking your approach? If you don't mind, could you elaborate a lttile on this?



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