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Pokemon Red and Blue Orchestrated, Silph Co Theme


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Ok. Thank's for your answer. I have symphonic choir and sometimes there is somes clicks sound so I hesitate to buy EWHO. Is there a big difference between symphonic orchestra and Hollywood's series?


Clicks and pops are likely caused by your configuration/setup, not the software.

Have you tried increasing the buffer size of your sound card? How much RAM do you have available?

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I didn't try that, I'll test it. I work with kontakt and Albion and I never had this problem. I have 16G Ram.


It may also not be your ram that is the problem but it could be the processor or even your sound card, you definitely need an asio driver of some sort to run any east west sample libraries.



As for a comparison between Hollywood Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra:


Woodwind samples are much better, you get a really nice sound from all of the woodwind samples in hollywood orchestral woodwinds, however I will say that symphonic orchestra's woodwind samples are still of fantastic quality.


Hollywood brass is amazing, in my opinion it blows the brass samples in symphonic orchestra out of the water, even if you don't invest in the full hollywood orchestra series, get this one :D


I don't have hollywood percussion sadly, however symphonic orchestra's percussion samples are still fantastic for my uses.


Now for hollywood strings, I use hollywood strings alongside symphonic orchestras strings samples. One thing that is a let down with hollywood strings is the lack of solo instruments which are in fact included in Symphonic orchestra. Strings samples are always the hardest to get realism from, and while hollywood strings can sound incredible, it takes a lot of work to get the right sound from it.

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