Final Fantasy V - Main Theme/Ahead On Our Way

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Those reverbed snare hits added so much... seriously, the main melody section sounds so great with it. Some variation would help, but this is a remaster, so whatever. Also, great choice of music, easily one of the best tunes from an underrated FF.

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Very nice, I especially like that dark bass. 

Is it a real physical instrument  or are you using samples (if so, which library are you using?)


I agree with Necrox that the reverbed snare is nice, however it is placed to the background a bit too much for my taste.

Maybe using just a little less reverb may help.. but I guess it really comes down to personal preferences.


Well done.

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woops I thought I had notification turned on


thanks for the feedback!


I actually had the snare up a lot louder in a previous mix, it was pretty much a Metallica song lol. I usually prefer it loud but in this case I thought maybe it was a little distracting from the smooth feel created by the lead/supporting melodies. BANG... melody.... BANG... etc.


The bass is just a basic sound from my DAW, combined with the kick drum for that Uematsu bom-bom.

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