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So here's a medley of sorts of Mega Man 2, though the vast majority is Dr Wily's Stage. It's a thrash metal ballad so it starts off slow but picks up about halfway. It also has a bit of jazzy piano at the end.




Also, apparently this song has been remixed a bunch of times so hopefully I've brought something new...

Let me know what I can improve on!


Link to originals: 


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ooooooook.  I'm going to be brutally honest.  I couldn't get beyond 1:05... so I can't really comment too much on source usage, for the sole reason being the insanely overprocessed guitar entrance was deafeningly shrill even at low volumes.  I'm guessing you significantly boosted the highs or it has something to do with your setup which sounds live.  If you're not already I would strongly recommend running your guitar stems through an amp sim.  Yes, it's a kicker to have to do that when you already spent money on hardware but the flexibility it provides makes it worth it.  You can get a relatively cheap amp sim with tons of cab emulations for 50 bucks from Recabinet or for free with Le Pou Plugins and TSE.  The most common argument against this is that amp sims lack the correct physics of recording through a live cab through a mic. While it's true for the most part (recabinet is getting closest to solving the issue) 98% of your audience isn't going to know the difference.  


The Alberti bass harmony in the piano is ok. An acoustic/clean metal intro should carry the energy into the guitar entrance.  The guitar entrance itself should be jarring but not unexpected if you get me. You might want to rework the intro once you feel good about the rest of the remix.  


Correct organization of a remix like this means you would have to make a choice from the start of what you want it to be.  Do you want the guitar/bass/drums to be the dominating force in this mix?  Or is it more of a piano remix with some distorted guitars/bass and drums playing with the pianist? All of your mixing decisions from then on will have to stem from this choice. In either case it would be a good idea to have double tracked/hardpanned rhythm guitars with the bass just lightly squeezed under them and the drums audible but not overly audible.  People know a kick/snare pattern when they hear it so you can get away with keeping them quieter than you would expect and the listener not even noticing the difference. 


However, before I can really comment further that lead guitar NEEDS to be taken down several notches.  Lower the volume, Reduce the gain, Reorganize your effects chain,  Reset your EQ, Dip 2khz and 4khz, ANYTHING to get it listenable.  


Good luck!  

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