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Resident Evil 2 - Ada's Theme


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Hi, everyone!


It's kinda intimidating for me to post a topic here. Especially since a lot of my favorite ReMixers already precede me by sharing their own WIPs with you all before they quickly became really outstanding pieces of music.


I recently worked on a remix of 'Ada's Theme' from 'Resident Evil 2' and, as I know it's far from being perfect, I was wondering if I could get some very helpful advices from you guys. Maybe it'll help me make the track … listenable.


Original Source:


Remix (ver. 2.0):



I do not expect it to be good enough to be submitted to OCR, I am way too bad at mixing and mastering to make it sound THAT great. I just wish I could end up with the best arrangements I possibly can for it.


Thanks in advance.

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RE2 REMIX!!  I know the sources aren't the easiest to remix but there aren't enough of these.  


Posting work on OCR forums is both thrilling and intimidating.  The important thing to know is that no one is here specifically to attack you or your work.  Some can get passionate about a few topics but we are all here to improve our own sound and give advice to let others do the same.  


Your instrument choices are all solid for what you are going for but they do lack a lot of humanization.  Music is supposed to be played so it needs to sound that way.  If you are intentionally going for an 80's vibe, where the attack on synth patches was much more consistent/repetitve then some of what you have that makes up the groove works well enough. (though the bass part needs some variation on several fronts) If you are not intentionally going for an 80's sound then you really need to play around with the velocity on all of the instruments and try to get some more life into them.  I always recommend picking up a midi keyboard even if you have to peck in the notes one at a time and fix them later you are still going to get a better result in less time than using the mouse alone. If you have the spare cash that is certainly a great option.  On a side note what are you using as an oboe sample?  The artificial vibrato on that is metaphorically but close to literally killing me. If the vibrato is part of an envelope that was moused in it needs some variation. If it's part of the sample itself you might want to check with the Recruit and Collaborate thread for someone to run you off the part with a better sample.  It's not horrible but it's featured so some extreme care needs to be given to it.  


Another standout is the piano that was sampled from the game and then followed up with a very different sounding piano that has way too much reverb or was recorded with the mic's too far back. It doesn't work. You have some options, make the sample from the game so obviously different that people don't try to assume it's the same instrument playing, or get the piano part you have where you want it go back and try to play the sample from the game with the same instrument, or stick with the sample and nix the piano entirely. Piano parts are extremely time consuming to humanize as you literally have to go note by note and make slight adjustments to the timing and velocity of each key.  However it would be fantastic humanization practice.  


There are some things to be said about the production but honestly even with flawless mixing the remix isn't going to be what it needs to be due to the life lacking from each instrument.  When musicians play together there is a sort of shared vibe that coordinates the emotion they are all feeling and it's reflected in their playing. Treat this remix for awhile as humanization practice and you could certainly have an OCR worthy remix before long.


Good luck!

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Thanks Garpocalypse.

These are very helpful advices. I'll definitely try to do something about the 'organic' instruments as well as the bass and piano segments you mentioned.


I was also wondering if you guys think each part of the mix flows in a not too abrupt way with one another -- Is it coherent enough?

Also, here are few things I remain sceptical about:

- Do some segments feel too empty (especially that one near the end, after the flute and before the oboe ; or that other one when the strings are introduced for the first time)?

- Is there a need to had other instruments during some other parts?

- Does the guitar fade-out near the end sound right?

- Do you think any other arrangements still need to be made (except for the very obvious bad sound producing/mixing/mastering)?


Seriously, I have a real thirst for feedbacks, critisms and reviews.

So don't be afraid to tell me everything you think about the remix so I can learn from my mistakes, correct them, and make the track better.

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