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Street Fighter 2 Ken's theme - with vocals

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Here's me stepping into new territory - rock remixes with vocals and lyrics. I'm doing several songs in this style, but I'm not feeling sure about this one.


Please let me know what your impression is of this song. It's only the first verse and chorus, lots of it needs retakes, but all the ingredients are there basically. In my opinion, the tempo is probably too fast -- what do you guys think about that?



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Doesn't feel too fast to me at all. "I'm just a new boy, stranger in this town" line is too iconic though IMO. Whenever I hear those lines my head plays Young Lust instead and it gets confusing. :D  It might be cool to reference the lyric by having your song character obviously quote it as a chatup line instead, in one of the verses. Then I think I could let it slide.


Otherwise it just sounds really good to me, definitely something fresh from what I usually hear. Piano could be a bit more prominant in the solo. Maybe posting up the lyrics would help too since it's not all discernable with the current recording.

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Thank you very much for the feedback! It seems awful quiet in this forum these days, so I'm glad to hear anything.


Glad you mentioned the opening line in the lyrics. Maybe it is too iconic after all ... I used it mainly due to frustration of not being able to write anything better. Opening lines are difficult, I think. But I'll see what I can come up with.


The piano solo is just a rough test, I'm going to play it much better and then raise it in the mix. The lyrics not being discernable is partly just a style of mine, a bit inspired by 1960s-70s Mick Jagger ...

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