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I had originally planned on having this track as an audition piece for an Apex album from not too long ago. As I'm a huge fan of fighting games I really wanted to get something on there. However as time went I had less and less faith that it would be accepted and eventually rearranged a significant amount of it to make it what it is now. 


Planning on paneling this shortly so have at it!  






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Yea last month was a really good month for DoD. I had no idea that Tekken was never done for DoD before either. I mean, i get that Tekken tracks are difficult to remix due to little melodic content but it seems like the groove heavy ost's would have been DoD'ified at some point. 


Before I sub I want to check and see what people think about the rain backing the entire track.  It took a rather large amount of processing and planning to get it where it is.  It's not just a cut and paste i spent HOURS just working on the various rain tracks to get them to where they are right now.  I had a total of 5 audio tracks dedicated to it and they are all processed differently and automated so that they fit around the rest of the mix without sounding over EQ'ed and noisy. If it sounds full and rain-like i'll keep it but if it's just coming off as noise then it's gonna have to go.  :/

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I really like how you took this energic tune and arranged it into a relaxing ambient one.


I'm not really a big fan of background nature sounds that are present all the way through an entire track, but since I couldn't stop listening because of how beautiful the instruments and melody were, I guess I could ignore that here.

The only moment I had a problem with was the one-minute-long segment where it is almost only the rain samples playing. I just thought it was too long and really wanted to skip that part half-way through to get to the next instrumental one.

Again, maybe it's just me, but I'll make it a bit shorter.


Otherwise, it's great stuff. A real pleasure to listen to and relax while doing so.


Well done!

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