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Legend of Zelda - Fairy Fountain

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Hey Guys!


I just started a new Tribute to Zelda playlist and I am very happy to share my first track of the playlist with everyone.




While studying music in college I went back and listened to much of the music from the video game series of Zelda and realized how genius the music was. I fell in love with it all over again and wanted to rearrange and recreate it. Soon after I tried to started, things fell apart as I couldn't find the resources or motivation to actually follow through. A couple of years later I've finally decided to try again and see where things go with it.



Original -



Remix -




I had a sound in my head when I started writing. A large ensemble with the addition of some unusual instruments, like a plucked piano mixed with a room of five different harp players playing the same melody. Quickly after I did that, I threw in the orchestra, some ambient sound design, and synthesizers to round out the sound, and there you have it.


I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with any feedback whatsoever.



Hope you like it,












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Clicked on this one out of curiosity... I really like what you have going here, This is like a sample platter of everything cool that could be done with this track. Vocals, well done effects, clear mixing. I have 3 things that I could point out

1)That acoustic bass seems a bit too loud, it's really pulling me out of the, very immersive atmosphere.

2) Those vocals seem like they could have some work done with them, little reverb, little longer? I don't know, so I'll leave it to your deft hands and sharp ears

3) Most importantly, it's short, too short. These are several great ideas that I have no time to enjoy, because they transition so quickly to a new idea. Great intro, great transition to the main body, nice transition to the vocals, nice choice of instruments and effects but all this happens in ~2 min. That's like being given Steak and lobster, but only 5 minutes to enjoy it. It's a short source, for sure, but you sound like you know what you're doing, so just do what you do, only more in-depth....I'm sure more technical feedback will make its way in to the comments, but that's all I have to offer. Great Job!

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That is probably the best critique I have ever received on this website. Virtually everything you said I agree on. I got way to close to the arrangement and mix of the song and lost a lot of perspective. I think I might pull this off the website in the near future and make an extended version, now that you mention it.

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