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FF7 - Anxious Hearts


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Hi OCR ppl!

I'd like some pointers on my newest WIP and, I give you a choice in which way to go on this.

I'm in the process of remixing FF7's Anxious Hearts, but I can't really make a choice between two versions, so I thought I'd let you guys decide!

Please let me know which version has the best approach.




It's still in it's early stages, so I can change mostly everything.

Thanks in advance.


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24 minutes ago, Supercoolmike said:

 feedbacks in workshops are usually occupied by a couple of ppl, but It's always pretty empty like this around December. Other than that the links don't work, you probably have them on private.

That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks! I'll get right on it.

Edit: changed songs to public. (doh)

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I switched between the 2 constantly to see what were the differences and so far its just the first 30 secs and the moment after 1:40 that are different ( at least to me).

For me, the winner of the first 30 seconds is from Remix 2. you give the listener almost 15 seconds of the original soundtrack; plenty enough time for the listeners to figure what the song is from. To then give it your rendition of the piece, letting the listeners know what to expect (style-wise) from the song... There's nothing wrong with the first 30 seconds from Remix 1, as it is the more tame version, but I feel Remix 2 has a better impact for an intro.

However After the 1:40 mark. I feel the victor goes to Remix 1, simply because it is just cleaner. That one synth that is just playing one note from remix 2 is just there for like 20 secs and it's kinda overpowering the other instruments.

Now for the parts that play between 0:30 - 1:40. I like how it stays true to the OS. The pacing is pretty good and just when the song was about to get monotonous u changed it up at 1:18, much appreciated.

I Hope this feedback helps out.

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