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  1. can't wait to listen to everyones tracks, Now I'm all anxious for this release during december. lol
  2. I know this is on hiatus, but it's also almost been a year since the last post. has there been any news that spurred up for this by any chance?
  3. is it all right If I used this time to possibly finish my track from earlier?
  4. all right, I submitted my wip since you guys still wanted it. It's not much but it was the only idea that went as far as it did. sorry for the letdown.
  5. sorry for the disappointment, but I think i gotta forfeit on this one. Came into this hoping I would get out of my funk and I just never did, I restarted so many times and I just didn't like any of my attempts... I have just been creatively shocked for this year so far, even just attempting to make some original tracks never goes longer than a minute. Think I just lost all my motivation or something, honestly don't know what to do anymore to get fully back on the creative saddle..
  6. came up with some decent ideas but they're for there individual tracks, trying to combine them and not sound forced. I'm pretty sure this is common for everyone tho, the grind continues.
  7. haven't done anything music related in a cool minute. seriously need to get back to it, maybe this will help get me out of my funk. 1 - Shademan (mm7) 2 - Astroman (mm8) 3 - Frostman (mm8)
  8. After reading it I came into a couple of realizations when I was reflecting on myself. I don't think It wast a "high" thing whenever I would go get a fix of doing a project, for me It was more about just being a part of something. I'm just so used to doing shit solo that I jump the gun whenever the opportunity rises to meet new people. Hell that would explain my sudden urge to join 6 different community albums here in one day when I first came across this site even before I gained way more confidence in making music. on the other points you made. I have noticed that working on a track in
  9. I probably have a dumb question, but How do you guys stay in track in a project regardless if it has deadlines or whether if you're even getting paid for it? I seem to always find myself totally motivated to always start a new project (especially if other people are involved) but than just start struggling to just get somewhere competently, let alone actually finishing it. Where do you guys find the motivation to keep the project going, to keep days,weeks,months, and possibly years of work from going under. Or having to come to the ultimate decision of just dropping the project all together du
  10. Hopefully this means MMX9 will slowly become a reality if this is successful. I need to experience the cyber elves war so dam bad.
  11. Some of the reviews on the steam page are pretty spot on. It's just shy of how a megaman game truly feels and would often remind you of how an old flash game from newgrounds would feel, but it still totally works out fine. making a megaman style game and mixing it with "rouge-like" gameplay is actually pretty amazing idea. Imagine the multiple sets of different armors from mmx5 that you can choose, but instead having the power to be able to mix and match between those sets. Boots from "this armor", hands from "that armor", etc... It encourages exploration to be able to find and combine certai
  12. just grabbed 20XX surpisingly. I need my megaman fix dam it. lol
  13. pfft I wish my band director was strict. My band class was pretty terrible in high school. Bunch of students that just took the class and saw it as free time; totally distracting and disrupting band practices with constant immaturity and negligence for simple instrunctions. we would hardly practice anything cuz of the same few people that went out of there way to do the exact opposite of what our instructor said. There was plenty of times that I confronted them but that was all I could've done since the school was strict towards inter-district students, and me going "out of Line" would essenti
  14. Pretty much as the Title states. I got into Spotify like a few months ago and I noticed that there aren't that many soundtracks from video games on there list, OST's and remixes alike are pretty barren there. I know that there's a created playlist made by Tagifras in there but that's mostly because he's paying the subscription to upload his own tracks to make it available for everyone else to enjoy. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, will there be Official album releases for Spotify soon? The closest thing for multiple releases of remixed albums are from GameChops, but even then it doesn't
  15. it is true that it's entirely based on opinion on what is considered to be the victor, but that's what I like about MnP honestly. You're not supposed to worry about changing things up (that's what PRC is for), it's about who can portray the same emotion better whether it's within there own style or not. I can understand if people think its bland to just follow the original track and midi but that's what this compo is. Personally, I use MnP as the testing grounds to either create original sounds or combine multiple layers of sounds ( that I don't normally use) to form them as one. For exam
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